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@amarisupercars arriving ! #cheshirecarmeet

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2 Speedsters at one show!! Bet you’ve never seen that before👀 #cheshirecarmeet

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Busy... #cheshirecarmeet

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My favourite photo of me from the meet😂🤔Great shot by @btf.media #cheshirecarmeet - anyone that has any pictures that include me DM me!!

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BMW Lineup #cheshirecarmeet

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@jxn3.s C63 !! #cheshirecarmeet - Check our story - find us a location in Cheshire/Manchester with 200-400 spaces

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@luke11stanley GT63s leaving #cheshirecarmeet

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Variety at #Cheshirecarmeet Check out our story - Go vote!

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@gavinabox76 - Performante Spyder #cheshirecarmeet

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Every direction there is crazy cars!! #cheshirecarmeet

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@waxandaway stand at the meet yesterday #cheshirecarmeet

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How many people expected this to turn up yesterday? #cheshirecarmeet #SLR

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Hell Magno💚 #cheshirecarmeet

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@GTRlibertywalk & @gtrmatt together at the meet today #Cheshirecarmeet

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Mclaren Combos at the meet today #cheshirecarmeet

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@amarisupercars at the meet today! #cheshirecarmeet

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Great meet today! Thanks to all that came. I would like to thank everyone that came and supported me today and made all this possible. I would like to apologise to all that could not make it in to the meet and I will make sure it goes well for you in the future events. I would just like to say thanks to the people that came and spoke to me, supported me, made everything feel good. I’m a 14 year old lad who organised this car meet for the fun of me and others, I didn’t mean for anything to go wrong like it did today. A negative part of today was the way some people spoke to me and people who have discriminated me for the troubles of the event. I really did not like the way I was treated by some people. Hope everyone has had a good day and has a safe journey home. Thanks - Harvey #cheshirecarmeet

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No space available guys , we are near enough full we will have to turn cars down. We are so sorry

1 months ago 0
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