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I have chosen to delete my previous black tile post. The The purpose of Black Out Tuesday is to amplify Black voices and draw attention to the #blacklivesmatter movement. I now understand that posting a black tile and spending the rest of the day in silence will have the opposite effect. Please take today to support Black creators and activists and continue to share resources. I have put a link in my bio of a good resource to check out!

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pluto set now live on @brgstudios

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@brgstudios new unisex hoodies and sweatpants releasing tomorrow on the website!

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I was in the middle of doing my makeup and the lighting was good so please ignore my hairstyle 🥴

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why are chocolate covered strawberries so good

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boredom at its best

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Thanks for the bracelet @mejuri

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just me and my margarita ✨

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custom multi colour top hand dyed by me

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me in the garden

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I used my dads phone to take this selfie cause his camera is better

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@brgstudios NEW Smiley trucker coming soon! Website live this weekend!

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Old photos on film shot by @sambosphotos

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Wearing @brgstudios

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A day late, but I just found this photo! I love you to the moon and back ❤️

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