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The winner of the best back flop................ this guy. Just hold it till your underwater. Hahahaha

3 months ago 2K
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Saw this beautiful group of unicorns do their mother f-ing thing last night. It’s like they are extraordinary talented assassins that go and murder the venue each night like clock work! Love you guys.

4 months ago 2K
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The app is not listening to our phones 😂😂😂. But the government thou 🤫🤫🤫 hahaha #crashthepattern @motherofpatterns

4 months ago 5K
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4 months ago 18K
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Good happy magical Saturday morning to all. Get outside if ya can today. I’m going 🐌 snail hunting with the little and dirt biking. What’s everyone else doing?

5 months ago 8K
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What’s everyone else doing on hump day? My creative partner / life partner is on his honeymoon. And i literally and pacing in the office and don’t know what to do with myself. Reid!! Come home!! Now!! Like right now!! Thanks bye!!

5 months ago 3K
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Me and you little tail feather, running through fairytales forever. let’s go. #leicaQ

5 months ago 845
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Plottin and planning. Thinking i should start to create again. Picture by : @jessiej #leicaq

5 months ago 3K
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Ok for real though... i need a zoologist or someone to tell me if that is a younge Ass bobcat or just a cock diesel stray cat. Please help.

6 months ago 4K
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#MagicMikeLive takin’ over the world! So pumped to announce @MagicMikeLiveBerlin on #GNTM, coming November 26th to Club Theater at @PotsdamerPlatz. www.magicmikeberlin.de #MagicMikeLiveBerlin

6 months ago 4K
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I’m making these swinging chairs for my dirt track. They are so simple it’s a forehead smack that i haven’t thought of something like this. 🤦🏻‍♂️ thank you to the genius that created these. You my good sir are a treasure. Now can you come fix our political system? Thanks bye.

6 months ago 1K