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😤😔🥺 it can’t be

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Psychic readings Corporate meetings Power lunches Private funding 100 push ups 100 crunches Final touches Lemon squeezes Island breezes Press releases Moving speeches Multi tasking Torches passing Strong attractions Forceful actions What’s really cracking I’m maintaining thanks for asking

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Jah you keep mi firm and strong

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Her: Wow you’re really sweet whoever raised you did a great job God:

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New designer you guys probably have no idea what’s going on in the scene super underground all good I will put you on to Veerjil Ablow

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FAME NOT CLOUT!!! LIfe Is Good song and video out now!!! @future @ozmusiqe @directorx @bigbankdte @lilyachty @21savage @msmylarose @mikewillmadeit

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Just say the word and we’ll beat the birds down to Acapulco Bay

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Happy MORE LIFE day to my brother who always has truth and belief on deck for me and fends everything I do because we have always had the same vision. Your night tonight my gg. @preme

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Happy birthday to my actual brother @carnage I am sorry I don’t claim you more but you know what mom tells us about how important my image is and what not...wishing you more life and more paid frat party hostings for 2020...swipe right to see who I’m talking about @carnage

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