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Fostering these cuties during quarantine and you should too! 🐶🐶 Thank you @thelabellefoundation #Bowie & #Hendrix

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Shoutout to all the @GirlUpCampaign Club members and leaders around the world who are social distancing but still coming together in virtual spaces to continue their fight for equality. We’re all in this together and I’m proud to be a Girl Up Champion standing along with you.

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A vegetarian walks into a deli.... (c/o @gripless)

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Listen to Pluto. Pluto knows what's up.

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Using our time wisely. @margaretqualley

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WOW. @jvenb

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Wearing these #PUMAWomen laces with pride. 💜 For every pair of laces produced, PUMA will donate €1 to @womenwin to help women and girls in sports. #IWD #WomenWin

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Girls and women are more likely to: -Experience violence -Live in poverty -Endure hunger -Be out of school It’s time to let the world know that every girl and woman has the right to be #EqualEverywhere. Join me and @GirlUpCampaign in a global call for gender equality. Post what #EqualEverywhere means to you and don't forget to tag me and @GirlUpCampaign! #GirlUpStories #internationalwomensday

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