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Probably the coolest/ craziest, most unique shoot I’ve done for fashion @moodmagazine Photography @anthonygiovanni + @edwin.j.ortega Grooming @mirachai (she killed it) Cinematography @rodionovsanya

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Been waiting to post this forever 🔥 @moodmagazine Photography @anthonygiovanni + @edwin.j.ortega Creative Direction / styling @edwin.j.ortega Grooming @mirachai Cinematography @rodionovsanya

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RIP Legend

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These chickens visited me swipe @ end for a magic trick

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cool day in New York w/ my dad @dandallas5701

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My new legal government name is Aaron’s Samuels as of tonight 😊 thank you to everyone that helped get me ready in rehearsals and for the countless support from everyone within the show!!! & if anyone could help me break my leg that would be helpful ✌🏽 @hcoombs27 @lej327 @@samanthapreiss @aaronreads @bp170 @cailenfu @oliviakaufmann @iainyoungphotos @cheechmanohar @krystinaalabado @barrettweed @dblexicon @catywiecherbrunell @greyhenson @reneemj @katerockwellnyc @pvpastrana @rizatakahashi @itzdeetee @mariarbriggs @mcconley @devonhadsell @curtis.holland @drew.redington @jacobmonte @teddytoye @coralineflower @giannayanelli @brittnich3 @toviwayne

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January 14th - February 11th @meangirlsbway

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JUST FINISHED MY FIRST PUT IN!!!! This is crazy to me!! Growing up, I’ve always had so much respect for broadway, watching @nbchairspraylive, @wickedmusical, @thelionking, @phantombway and never... NEVER in a million years would I think I’d get the opportunity to be in one!!! I’m so excited to show you guys how awesome and fun it is!! And now that I’m working on @meangirlsbway, I have WAYYY MORE RESPECT FOR THESE PEOPLE THAN I ALREADY DID!!!!! ON AND OFF THE STAGE!!! This shit is so hard and these people are so talented it’s INSANE. My first show is January 14th but I am already so thankful to be around such supportive people in this show, thank you to everyone @ @meangirlsbway I appreciate you all 😊

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Part 3 of 3!!! Who will win?! Me or Chris?! Comment below !! Check out @emmanuelfranco’s new song ! “Do me like a drug” , @cgeovanni I except a response within a week !!

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Part 2 of 3!!! I hate this one minute cap 🤦🏽‍♂️but @cgeovanni you SUCK

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Waiting for you to top this song @cgeovanni, & if you thought the 2nd rift was catchy, @emmanuelfranco’s new single ‘Do Me Like A Drug’ just dropped and it’s so catchy fr fr. My fav song

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Help Australia, Donate through the links in their bios, @redcrossau @salvosau

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