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Master of Colors . Bvlgari is, and always has been, a house of breathtaking colors, colliding in never-before-seen combinations. Since the 1950s, we’ve established a vivid palette of precious stones as our signature – each creation resplendently reflecting the richness of Italy’s architecture and the inspiration it provides. Bvlgari truly lives and breathes in technicolor. . Our extensive knowledge of gems can be seen in decades of exquisite Bvlgari High Jewelry, and beyond, to our iconic watches, bags and accessories. Now, we wish to share this ongoing legacy with you, unveiling our colorful adventures and the experiments that make Bvlgari the ultimate Master of Colors. . . #Bvlgari #HighJewelry #MasterofColors #TheBvlgariStory #BvlgariSupportsItaly

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Jewellery design redefined. The B.zero1 necklace features Zaha Hadid’s reimagined ring design, laced through a delicately interlocking chain. Available online in rose gold. . Photographer - @gianuzzimarino . . #Bvlgari #Bzero1 #Unapologetic #ZahaHadid

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Experiment with layers of possibility. The world of B.zero1 was made for mixing, with versatile pieces that speak louder together. Discover the full collection now, available online. . Photographed by @thomaslohrstudio . . #Bvlgari #Bzero1 #Bzero1Rock

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It takes an icon to design an icon. The B.zero1 Ring holds layers of legacy. Inspired by the Roman Colosseum, this rare take on tradition was reimagined by the finest architect of our time, Zaha Hadid. Available online now in rose gold. . Photographer - @gianuzzimarino . . #Bvlgari #Bzero1 #ZahaHadid

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Inspired by an everlasting landmark. . B.zero1 was created to salute the symmetry and gravitas of the world’s most renowned amphitheatre – the Colosseum. The ancient setting has played host to centuries of history, from glorious mythical dramas to the gladiators. It has seen empires rise and fall, and yet remained constant, reinvented by Italy in all its lifetimes. Like the Colosseum, B.zero1 has also been reimagined. Originally released in 1999, the collection broke all codes of jewelry. It defied aesthetics of the day by capturing the fluid arches and unapologetic forms of the Colosseum. It its newest iteration, the powerful shapes and spirals of B.zero1 continue their homage to this remarkable structure. . We’ve always revered our muse. We not only honour Italy’s influence in our high jewelry lines and iconic collections, but by restoring the glory of its architecture through sponsorships that protect and keep its history alive. . #Bvlgari #TheBvlgariStory #TributoAllaBellezza #BvlgariSupportsItaly

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A return to Rome. Cherished heritage jewels revisit the inspiration behind them, and from the time of their creation to this day, Italy remains our ultimate muse. The masterpieces of Bvlgari speak to the mastery of Italian architecture, art and beauty. . Shot by @inezandvinoodh Featuring @othiliasimon Styling @sissyvian #TributoAllaBellezza #Bvlgari #BvlgariSupportsItaly #TheBvlgariStory #HighJewelry

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The grandeur of Castel Sant’Angelo is reborn in High Jewelry form. . This Roman landmark has lived many lives. It was created as the resting place for Emperor Hadrian, before becoming quarters for Pope Gregory the Great, who renamed it Castel Sant’Angelo. In the 1990s, Bvlgari created a fitting tribute to the monument. The distinct pentagonal silhouette is mirrored in a multi-faceted necklace lined with the most precious stones and gems. Each angle and setting emulates the majesty of Rome’s treasured castle. . We’ve always revered our muse. We not only honour Italy’s influence in our high jewelry lines and iconic collections, but by restoring the glory of its architecture through sponsorships that protect and keep its history alive. . Pictured: Necklace in gold with amethysts, citrines, pink tourmalines, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, 1991. . #TributoAllaBellezza #Bvlgari #TheBvlgariStory #HighJewelry #BvlgariSupportsItaly

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A world of craft, inspired by Italy. The High Jewelry of Bvlgari’s heritage is utterly Italian in spirit. Each piece of art mirrors the decadent details of its great past and the timeless beauty found in every corner of our country. . Shot by @inezandvinoodh Featuring @othiliasimon Styling @sissyvian . . #TributoAllaBellezza #Bvlgari #BvlgariSupportsItaly #TheBvlgariStory #HighJewelry "

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Art imitating art The iconic landmarks of Italy and the most iconic creations in our history are intertwined. The towering monuments, statue-lined streets and piazzas run deep in Bvlgari’s DNA. This 1960s campaign,Vedute Di Roma, captured our sublime High Jewelry, and the tribute it pays to Italy’s beauty. . Piazza del Campidoglio, photographed by Robert Emmett Bright . . #TributoAllaBellezza #Bvlgari #BvlgariSupportsItaly #TheBvlgariStory #HighJewelry

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The Eternal City, and our eternal inspiration. From the curves of its architecture to the symbols carved across its capital, Italy’s heritage holds endless revelations. @othiliasimon wears creations that bear this history and influence, taken from Bvlgari’s prized archives. . Shot by @inezandvinoodh Featuring @othiliasimon Styling @sissyvian . . #TributoAllaBellezza #Bvlgari #BvlgariSupportsItaly #TheBvlgariStory #HighJewelry

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With the future in flux, we’re rediscovering our past and the stories it has to tell. Who better to start with, than the man who started it all – Sotirio Bulgari. Born in Greece, and tempestuous times, Sotirio was a sparky young boy who had a flair for his family’s craft. As war raged throughout his country, he and his father fled, seeking somewhere to settle and sell silverware in peace. They found their sanctuary in Corfu, establishing a successful jewellers on the island. Full of talent and ambition, Sotirio soon had his heart set on new horizons, and when the opportunity arose, he set sail for Italy. Despite ups and downs, Sotirio found his fortune in Rome, and somewhere he finally belonged. He never forgot the skills his father imparted however, and some of the artefacts they created in those early years still survive in the Bulgari family’s collection to this day. . 🎥 @kein Painting by Yan Pei-Ming . . #Bvlgari #TheBvlgariStory #TributoAllaBellezza #bvlgarisupportsitaly

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When all the world is closing its doors, we open the door on our past. In these times of uncertainty, we want to be a source of entertainment and escapism, starting with our story. The Bvlgari that stands before you today started as a small curiosity shop, attracting Rome’s intrigued tourists. Sotirio Bulgari opened his first store in 1884 in Rome and in 1905 he moved to what would become the most iconic address in Bvlgari’s history, at Via dei Condotti 10. This shop was the cornerstone that allowed Sotirio to create his empire stone by stone, dream by dream and piece of art by piece of art. The Bvlgari name became known for its fine jewelry and opulent objects and with this reputation came more shops, as Sotirio ventured into Sanremo, Naples, Bellagio and Sorrento. It was Rome that gave him the chance to realise his life’s dream, and Italy remains the constant and ever-present inspiration behind Bvlgari. Now, and always. . . . #Bvlgari #TheBvlgariStory #TributoAllaBellezza #BvlgariSupportsItaly

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