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{ Under the Veil } • A portrait of my friend @martaceccon during our trip to Dubai’s desert. #sonyalpha

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{ Bright Dubai } • As you probably know, I’m always interested in the natural tones of the landscapes of our planet, but also in the more traditional materials that tell a culture, as in the old Dubai, made by white and warm tones, like a hidden beauty to discover. #🇦🇪 @mydubai @visit.dubai #mydubai #visitdubai

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{ About Variations of Light } • A small series of textures, waves and lights on the desert sand. Thanks to Captain Yoshi Shigyo @ballooninguae for fhe ride 🎈 #🇦🇪 #sonyalpha

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{ Silent Roads } • After the paths into sandy roads, it’s time for an experience that I always enjoy. Being lulled by a balloon ride. @ballooninguae #hotairballoon @mydubai @visit.dubai #visitdubai #mydubai

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{ Silky Roads } • A ride as soft as silk, seeing here and there white spots, which are animals that I love for the elegant horns. The Arabic Onyx is intelligently preserved. @platinumheritage #desertsafari #platinumheritage @mydubai @visit.dubai #visitdubai #mydubai

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{ Brown & Green } • The warm tones of the sand and Marta's eyes. Me and @martaceccon in #🇦🇪 #sonyalpha

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{ Tones of Hatta } • Gold, brown & orange are my favorite colors here, while at work defining the tones of Hatta, a small city near the border with Oman. @visit.hatta #MeraasDubai #VisitHatta @mydubai @visit.dubai #visitdubai #mydubai

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{ Welcome 2020 } • Starting this new decade with the tones of color and the light I prefer, the warm and humid one of the desert, here in Hatta, a city surrounded by rocks, on which to stay for a few days. @visit.hatta #MeraasDubai #VisitHatta @mydubai @visit.dubai #visitdubai #mydubai

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{ Looking Out to 2020 } • One of the zen moments of the year, in one of the most beautiful places I have been in 2019. Another decade is coming, like a wonderful glow at dawn. #sonyalpha #whatitalyis

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{ 🔥vs ❄ } • Video Report • Here what you can find if you go to the North, to the cold, looking for emotions that can warm the soul. And that's what happened to me, invited by @oppomobileit beyond the Arctic circle, to test the new #OPPOReno2 and its functions like its ultra-dark mode and video stabilization. #RenoStudioDream #OPPOPartner

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{ The Shortest Day } • As soon as the Sun comes out, we go out even today, in the shortest day of the year, as if it were a Summer day like this flashback. #sonyalpha + adapted Canon 50mm 1.2

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{ From The Garden } • Before Autumn (and the decade!) ends, I collected the last colours from my beloved trees. These tones of silver, green and yellow are timeless. #EleganceisanAttitude A series made w/ @longines #ad

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