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{ Trees, Trees Everywhere } • Treja valley, where Calcata has been built more than 1300 years ago, is an excellent example of how protected areas create a living and time-resistant environment. Thanks again to all e-friends who asked me questions about this dream place. #whatitalyis

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{ Calcata } • The 1st stop is in this gorgeous town 1h drive from Rome. They had given this town to die for. They were ready and knocked it down because they thought the rock wouldn't hold up over time. But they were wrong.
It became a ghost town, but today, this magical place is reliving a new life, thanks to some artists who have gone there to live. I'm around Italy as always, this time with @playstationit for #DeathStranding looking for small communities to reconnect with the rest of the World. . 🇮🇹 • La prima tappa è questo bel borgo a 1 ora di strada da Roma. L’avevano dato per perso, Erano pronti a buttarlo giù perché pensavano il terreno non avrebbe retto a lungo, ma si sbagliavano.
E’ diventato un paese fantasma ma oggi questo luogo magico sta rivivendo una nuova vita, grazie ad artisti che sono venuti a vivere qui. Sono in giro per l’Italia come sempre, questa volta insieme a @playstationit per #DeathStranding, cercando piccole comunità del territorio da riconnettere con il resto del Paese. Per saperne di più segui il mio percorso sulle IG Stories e scopri come segnalare altri paesi da riconnettere. #PS4

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{ A Timeless Short Story } • In a fall day, I meet a beautiful, dreamy face to care for. Her name is Rome, and my time stopped when in front of her. #EleganceisanAttitude Here my work w / @longines for #LonginesDolceVita #ad

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{ Empty Places of Italy } • Recently I’ve checked out the number of ghost towns in Italy. Each town has its own history, most of them disappear consumed by time. The others remain alive thanks to small communities that live around them. I’ve been, with @playstationit, for the launch of #DeathStranding, in some of these, in a path as long as Italy. 1200km of discoveries and hopes. Stay connected to discover more. . 🇮🇹 • Di recente ho verificato quanti paesi abbandonati esistono in Italia. Non pochi. Ognuno di questi ha la propria storia, la maggior parte di questo svaniscono consumati dal tempo. Gli altri rimangono in piedi solo grazie alle piccole comunità che ci vivono intorno. Sono stato insieme a @playstationit per l’atteso lancio di #DeathStranding, in alcuni di questi, in un percorso lungo 1200 km fatto di scoperte e speranze. Per saperne di più segui il mio percorso sulle IG Stories e scopri come segnalare altri paesi da riconnettere. #PS4

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{ A Timeless Short Story } • In a rainy Rome, time is suspended, it looks like a girl waiting for something important that will happen soon. #EleganceisanAttitude Here my work w / @longines for #LonginesDolceVita #ad

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{ Worlds in Words } • A book in your hands is like living hundreds of lives, dreams and stories in one life. Here two photos from my series made for @flordecanaen

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{ Best Light in Andros } • A Greek island, not mainstream like others in the Cyclades, but full of charm, starting from this rock, with a masterpiece on it. #🇬🇷 #sonyalpha

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{ Sisterhood } • Life can be an everyday gift, let’s dance at its pace, my friend. @sondeflor 🌿 #35mm

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{ Morning Colours } • Awakened by the church bells, I took the opportunity to go to the terrace to see the Sun and capture the warm color of dawn. #🇬🇷

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{ 🔥 } • When the Sun sets fire to the sky, the time spent with yourself (and with curious fluffy puppies too) becomes divine. #🇳🇴 Here from my series made for @flordecanaen

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{ A Poetry made by Light } • I flew to Greece to swim and run naked in empty beaches but I found a dream on a rock. #🇬🇷

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{ At the Edge } • A nice guy sent me an email this morning, wondering if this place really exists, because he found my photo on the @govisitdenmark website. This dreamlike place is a called Løkken, on the west coast of Denmark. I waited in the rain - to take this picture - for about ten minutes, when the Sun passed through the clouds for a few seconds.

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