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{ Places of Zen } • Using the vibes of the empty hometown to feel the right energy and being more focused on what I care of. #NeverSettle Here playing in collaboration w/ @oneplus #OnePlusGoExplore #ShotonOnePlus

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{ Never Hesitate } • Don't cover your eyes - how we like to think sunflowers do - the future awaits you my boy. (just watch out for the busy hornets around here :) Here playing in collaboration w/ @oneplus #OnePlusGoExplore #ShotonOnePlus #NeverHesitate

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{ Never Alone } • Celebrating my time on Earth with the people you care about most, trying to capture the spirit of summer with the right spaces around me. And her. Here playing in collaboration w/ @oneplus #OnePlusGoExplore #ShotonOnePlus #NeverAlone

1 months ago 375
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{ You’re not alone } • When the light breaks the clouds, our time spent tougher becomes divine. ⚡️ Here from my series made for @flordecanaen

2 months ago 397
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{ The Longest Day } • Celebrating the first day of Summer - according to the official calendar 😏 - in a place not visited by many people. Have a great Summer then. Here playing w/ @oneplus #OnePlusGoExplore #ShotonOnePlus

2 months ago 310
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{ SOS } • Summer of Simone. Summer arrives suddenly in Northern Italy, it seems Spring has not passed from here this year. Now, let’s celebrate it every day, if possible. #whatitalyis

3 months ago 245
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{ 🌼 } • My kind of flower is the one that remains on the plant, useful for the cycle of Life.

3 months ago 280
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{ Grand Finale } • My road trip w/ @nissaneurope driving an electric #NissanLEAF ends here in Madrid, just on time for the Champions League final. My path through sustainability though will keep going... #ElectrifyTheWorld #ad

3 months ago 95
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{ Last Stop 🇪🇸 } • A journey started in Rome 6 weeks ago, now ending in Madrid, learning about what European capitals have to offer in terms of sustainability. Even this city confirmed me that Nature is always the best choice. In the streets of Madrid driving an electric #NissanLEAF w/ @nissaneurope for #ElectrifyTheWorld #ad

3 months ago 170
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{ A Rose for Berlin } • My first visit here has been educational, a floral tribute to this city then, so full of historical memory and cultural innovation. Heading now to Madrid. In the streets of Berlin driving an electric #NissanLEAF w/ @nissaneurope for #ElectrifyTheWorld #ad

3 months ago 168
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{ Streets of Berlin } • Mobility is the big bet of European cities, to make everyday travel an activity suitable for human beings, not a struggle as it often is today. Mobility, electric yes, private and public, can be a little step to a sustainable life. In the streets of Berlin driving an electric #NissanLEAF w/ @nissaneurope for #ElectrifyTheWorld #ad

3 months ago 156
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{ Go Green Berlin } • Passing through this Tor, where so much things happened in the last Century. I’m sure that a good part of Europe's green innovation passes through here. I believe in the Union, the European one and the union of people to develop solutions for our health. In the streets of Berlin driving an electric #NissanLEAF w/ @nissaneurope for #ElectrifyTheFuture

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