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{ 🔥 } • When the Sun sets fire to the sky, the time spent with yourself (and with curious fluffy puppies too) becomes divine. #🇳🇴 Here from my series made for @flordecanaen

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{ A Poetry made by Light } • I flew to Greece to swim and run naked in empty beaches but I found a dream on a rock. #🇬🇷

4 days ago 396
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{ At the Edge } • A nice guy sent me an email this morning, wondering if this place really exists, because he found my photo on the @govisitdenmark website. This dreamlike place is a called Løkken, on the west coast of Denmark. I waited in the rain - to take this picture - for about ten minutes, when the Sun passed through the clouds for a few seconds.

2 months ago 403
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{ Don't leave me alone } • Take me to see the wonder that Nature has created up there in the mountains. You know, we are a part of this. Here a series made for @flordecanaen about how little it takes to feel the thrill of living if with the right company.

2 months ago 405
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{ Places of Zen } • Using the vibes of the empty hometown to feel the right energy and being more focused on what I care of. #NeverSettle Here playing in collaboration w/ @oneplus #OnePlusGoExplore #ShotonOnePlus

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{ Never Hesitate } • Don't cover your eyes - how we like to think sunflowers do - the future awaits you my boy. (just watch out for the busy hornets around here :) Here playing in collaboration w/ @oneplus #OnePlusGoExplore #ShotonOnePlus #NeverHesitate

3 months ago 528
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{ Never Alone } • Celebrating my time on Earth with the people you care about most, trying to capture the spirit of summer with the right spaces around me. And her. Here playing in collaboration w/ @oneplus #OnePlusGoExplore #ShotonOnePlus #NeverAlone

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{ You’re not alone } • When the light breaks the clouds, our time spent tougher becomes divine. ⚡️ Here from my series made for @flordecanaen

4 months ago 401
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{ The Longest Day } • Celebrating the first day of Summer - according to the official calendar 😏 - in a place not visited by many people. Have a great Summer then. Here playing w/ @oneplus #OnePlusGoExplore #ShotonOnePlus

4 months ago 311
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{ SOS } • Summer of Simone. Summer arrives suddenly in Northern Italy, it seems Spring has not passed from here this year. Now, let’s celebrate it every day, if possible. #whatitalyis

4 months ago 246
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{ 🌼 } • My kind of flower is the one that remains on the plant, useful for the cycle of Life.

4 months ago 283
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{ Oslo Vibes } • Not a house, not a boat. But love the concept sailing and exploring without moving... (that’s a restaurant actually). Leaving 🇳🇴, heading to Berlin 🇩🇪.

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