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{ Look Up There } • I remember the day I saw this set of apartments all stuck together, the sense of claustrophobia. But I also remember noticing the Moon that was passing over our heads. Over us, little humans. Let's remember to look at the sky also from our window. I dedicate it especially to those who live in the big cities of this planet.

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{ Never Alone } • Physical isolation is necessary and will have an end for most of us. Creativity, on the other hand, has no end and is key to keeping alive, to imagine, connect with others, create, travel. #whatitalyis

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Still working everyday on live streamings on @whatitalyis - speaking with italians in Italian only, thanks for your understanding. Today I’ve been connected with Milan, talked about photography with a national association of professional photographers - @Tauvisual. Take a look at the stories on @whatitalyis. Happy Saturday, in a few minutes in Italy we will all be back at the window and on the balcony, singing and playing music. ♥️ #whatitalyis

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{ Italy on Lockdown } • But luckily we can still go to the park by bicycle if there is nobody around. How do I live this moment? I'm organizing live streams on @whatitalyis connecting people from other Italian cities. Today I made a live streaming with a friend in Florence, tomorrow it will be with a friend in Palermo. I'm curious to know how other people experience this forced change of habits. #whatitalyis

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{ Dreaming of Lightness } • I'm happy when I work on projects where creativity is connected to current topics, such as sustainability and the circular economy. And with a touch of colour, I've been working on for years. Also thanks to innovative brands such as @xlextralight and the cooperation of people who work with me. Take a look on the making of on my stories 🎈

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{ 🚂☁️☁️☁️ } • Your daily dose of Surrealism. #whatitalyis

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{ A Love Story } • I forgot that this photo became the cover of a novel by an italian writer, @fabrizio.caramagna See the book cover on my stories. ♥️ #whatitalyis

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{ Paths } • A little touch of orange on this day of meditative walks.

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{ Lido } • Like diving in a sea of Italian Surrealism. Always interested to meet talents in Arts, like @gabrielerizzigr Art Director of @nuartevents with whom I shared a vision, here, immersed in miles of lavender.

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{ On the Move } • Seems we are a not relevant dot - but a dot full of magic - in the history of our Planet.

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{ Shaped by Colours } • Chic lines and shapes, this is the statement of my meeting with @gabrielerizzigr , Art Director of @nuartevents an awesome italian company, leader in live performances around the World. We spent a few days together experimenting in the fields of South of Europe, diving into the colors of Summer.

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{ Under the Veil } • A portrait of my friend @martaceccon during our trip to Dubai’s desert. #sonyalpha

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