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#blackouttuesday 🖤❤️

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I want to start by assuring that the kittens are all doing awesome. I’ve been off on Instagram for a little bit and it has largely been based on the world’s current events. Quite honestly, it’s been hard to focus on locking myself in my house and bottlefeeding kittens around the clock. When the world is on fire, it’s hard to sit idly by. I’ve spent a great deal of time feeling incredibly enraged and deeply saddened by the moral compasses, or the lack thereof, of some humans. I’m naturally a super introverted person who often feels disconnected from other humans and it can be so hard to fathom how someone’s brain can tell them it’s ok to murder another human in cold blood. As a nation, we’ve seen this so many times in our history, recent and not recent, and the accountability and the action aren’t there in the aftermath. It’s impossible for me and for so many others to not feel defeated about these events and for me, it comes down to how much is it going to take for change and what will that change look like. Humans are capable of so much destruction and hatred and it can be too much to handle. Right now, I’m just trying to focus on any bits of good that there are in the world and trying to get that hopefulness back. Rest assured, I’ll be back in the coming days with some cute kitten pictures and happy updates, but right now, I just need to cool off and reset.

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Introducing the rainbow girls. First up is calico Opal, who is literally an angel and is the most mellow little baby. Next is torbie Iris, who literally never stops purring. Third is tortie Aura, who has some spice and a whole lot of love to give. Last is little runty calico Kaleidoscope, who loves rolling around like a roly poly and belly rubs. These girls are all so ridiculously sweet. They’re awesome eaters and have the loudest purrs. The whole crew is basically A+ bottle babies and I know they’re going to be total lap cats as they grow. #rainbowsquad #tricolourladies #fosterkitten #kitten #bottlebaby #calico #torbie #tortie #sosweet #adorable #fosterkittensofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives

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Look at this little princess. 🥰 Tiara is basically the easiest bottle baby ever. She’s an absolutely amazing eater, is not in the least bit fussy, and hardly ever screams. She’s so mellow and angelic, which almost makes up for my boy squad being one the fussiest, messiest, and most difficult litter. #literallyanangel #loveher #marshmallowgirl #fosterkitten #kitten #thatbelly

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Introducing Miss Tiara. This little one was found all alone on someone’s front porch and she’s currently less than 24 hours old. I discovered maggot eggs in her ear as well, so she’s on the same med regimen as my maggot boys. She was still super dirty when I picked her up and covered in afterbirth, so mama didn’t even clean her before abandoning her. She weighed in at a slightly underweight 87 grams, but she was absolutely ravenous at her feeding and ate more than I’ve ever seen a newborn eat in one sitting. I’m glad I caught the maggot eggs early on and now they’ll be flushed from her system before they have a chance to hatch and cause any damage. So happy this little one is safe inside and will have buddies once everyone is healthy and tested. #goawaymaggots #safeandsound #marshmallowlady #fosterkitten #kitten #bottlebaby #orphankitten #socute #adorable #fosterkittensofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives

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I’ve gone back and forth so many times on pairings for this group, but I finally decided that Briar and Stardust are best buds and they would do amazing together. They are currently still looking for their forever home together and are still accepting applications for their perfect person. They’re both total and complete purr machines and love bugs. Briar is a total mama’s girl and is the biggest lap kitten who loves to be held, while Stardust is a mellow little nugget who occasionally gets a wild burst of energy. They have epic battles and then epic snug sessions. They’re also absolutely adorable with Briar’s cute nose smudge/awkwardly long tail and Stardust’s two different coloured eyes/carnation pink nose. All adoption info can be found at bottlebabyfosters.org and adopters must be located in the United States or Canada. #adoptdontshop #adoptus #perfectpair #marshmallowgirls #fosterkittens #kittens #bottlebaby #socute #adorable #fosterkittensofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives

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I’m very happy to announce that Zinnia officially has an amazing home lined up with her sister Indigo. One of my friends reached out about adopting and fell in love with these two cuties. They’re going to have such amazing lives together. They still have a bit of time left in foster care, but their new dad is already head over heels and can’t wait to bring them home. #fleurettethetortieversion #sohappy #doubleadoptionsrock #tortiebabe #adoptdontshop

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My sweet little boy squad has internal maggots. I discovered them super late last night when stimulating Hippo to poop and immediately got their oral meds started. Nom Nom doesn’t have much of an appetite, since it’s hard to be hungry when your belly is full of maggots and you’re losing blood, but his brothers are all keeping up their appetites. Nom Nom is currently being tube fed and getting dextrose to keep his blood sugar up and I’m hoping he’ll be ready to be a chonkster again once he’s maggot-free. I have no idea which mama gave them the maggots or which household they got them from since they were unnecessarily exposed, but both have been contacted and know to treat as well. Maggots are not only high on the ick-factor, but are incredibly dangerous as well. I’m just hoping I caught it in time and that the meds work their magic. So glad these boys are with me since there are so many reasons why they would not have even had a chance at either of the two homes they were with before me. #comeonboys

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Introducing my newest intakes. This all-male litter was dropped off yesterday afternoon when they were two-days-old. I’ve named them Nom Nom (chonksters), Hippo (graybie), Rooster (always the wake up call), and Noggin (runty guy with a receding hairline). The boys weighed from 73 grams (runty Noggin) to 89 grams (Nom Nom). They’re definitely underweight for their age, but they also had a rough first 48 hours of life before they came to me. They were born to a mama who wasn’t interested in them, brought to a different surrogate mama who similarly wasn’t accepting of them, and then fed tiny amounts of goat’s milk. They’re now with a human mama (me) who loves them and they’re on the right track. Rooster is already a total purr machine and they’re all loving incubator life. #newfosters #boysquad #lovethem #fosterkittens #kittens #bottlebaby #tabby #socute #precious #fosterkittensofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives

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My little mini void girl, Indigo, is such an adorably awkward kitten. She’s the absolute slowest eater ever, but she loves hopping around the kitten room with her buds after her meal. I’m also obsessed with her perpetually frowny face. #minivoid #voidkitten #tinypanther #floofgirl #tinynug

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The last couple of days have been insane, but everything has worked out well in the end. I originally headed out to pick these guys and their mama up last evening to take them to another foster together. I brought them home to assess them and immediately knew we needed another plan. Mama was entirely freaked out, but that wasn’t the main issue. She hadn’t been caring for her babies at all. They were dirty, hungry, had the typical fleas, had incredibly full bladders, and the tortie had an umbilical infection. Mama also had absolutely zero interest in them. Two from the litter had already passed and I’ve seen enough feral mamas to know when it’s not a workable situation. The babies are all now cleaned up and in the incubator and I was able to get mama in for a walk-in spay and fancy ear tip this morning. She will be returning to her well-cared-for colony tomorrow and I know she will be so much happier and relieved. She is just a kitten herself and now she will never have to worry about having any more kittens again. Welcome babies. Unexpected intake, but I’m happy I was able to squeeze them in and help out this little family. I am also in contact with the colony caregiver about getting the whole rest of the colony TNRed after I finish up with the preemies’ colony. #welcomebabies #happyending #tnr #tricolourcuties

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Flora has discovered her love of kibble in the last few days and she’s reached ultimate chonk levels. She currently clocks in at third in weight of the group, so she says she still has some bulking to do. #thatbelly #chonksupreme #chub #calicocutie #foreverconcerned #angelchild #itsnotworms #ipromise

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