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happy #friyayfaves! (@theglowgirl) 💕 here’s my top 3 things for the week: @awakeskin super juice refreshing mist @glossier bubblewrap eye cream @versed lip oil

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I know it’s not #texturetuesday, but here’s a texture shot anyways! what’s your favorite lip scrub?

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happy monday! with everything going on, I truly have no energy to do anything. all I do is sit around, it’s like I can’t force myself to get up and get things done right now. anyone else feel that way? I love this @versed overnight facial peel - it’s super gentle but does a great job exfoliating the skin!

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today’s my 23rd birthday! here’s my fav @glossier birthday balm dotcom to celebrate. 🎂🥳

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happy #pinkwednesday! 💕

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happy monday!

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happy friday! I was chosen by @stylekoreanglobal to review some products from @theplantbaseofficial 🌱 (swipe to see some products in action!) here’s what was sent to me: AC Clear Magic Foam Cleanser - sadly this cleanser didn’t work out for me, I found it too stripping on my skin. It also had an interesting smell to it, sort of pharmaceutical smelling? I don’t think it’s a bad cleanser, just not right for my skin type. Will probably give it to my sister who has oilier skin. Mielrose Petal Essence - I really enjoy this! It smells like roses, but definitely not overpowering. It’s an essence in a sprayer which it super convenient. I haven’t been using it long enough to notice a huge difference, but I plan on continuing using it. Time Stop Collagen Ampoule - I’m also really liking this ampoule, I instantly feel a boost of hydration when I use it. It is said to be anti-aging, but again I haven’t used it long enough to notice a difference. I’m also going to keep this in my routine! AC Clear Pure N Cream - this is probably my favorite thing from what I was gifted. It reminds me a lot of the Peter Thomas Roth water drench cloud cream which is one of my holy grail moisturizers. It’s super light weight and sinks into my skin instantly. I think this would work well for all skin types but especially those leaning on the oily side.

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happy #watershotwednesday! 💧

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happy tuesday! I’m sure by now you’ve seen these guys all over instagram - it’s @zitsticka’s latest launch, a skin supplement called “skin discipline” (gifted) which is said to help minimize breakouts, regulate sebum levels and balance bacteria. when I agreed to get this package sent to me, I did not know what it was, just that it was their latest launch. I had assumed it was a new pimple patch or some other product to help fight acne, not a supplement. I deal with a decent amount of health issues myself, so right now, this is not something I plan on introducing. I take too many medications as it is and I don’t want to risk any sort of interference between this supplement and other things I take for my health. if you do suffer with acne, and feel like this supplement may work for you, definitely talk to your doctor about it first! there’s nothing wrong with supplements as long as you get the ok from your doctor that it’s safe for you to take. as for my bottle, I will see if someone in my family might want to try it out and I can update with their review at a later time. thank you for reading! 💕

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happy monday! I always carry around my @glossier birthday cake balm dotcom and my @touchland watermelon hand sanitizer. I’m dying to try some of their other scents! the hand sanitizer feels so nice and my favorite part is that it’s not drying at all. also, this was an iced créme brûlée latte that was delicious 🤤

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happy friday! ✨

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happy #texturetuesday! here’s the @elfcosmetics jelly pop face and eye gloss in the shade ‘creamsicle pop’ - swipe for the shade ‘icy pop’! these are stunning, though I definitely think you have to really enjoy a glossy/sticky highlight to enjoy this and use a very light hand, otherwise it’ll become a goopy mess quickly.

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happy monday! I’m sorry for the inactivity lately, I went on a mini vacation this past weekend and I’m traveling back home today. every time I travel, I always feel myself yearning to live wherever it is that I travelled to - even if it’s somewhere I’ve previously lived. being back made me want to pick up and move right back there. does traveling ever make you want to leave? I know I’m not happy with where I currently live, and I’ve had thoughts of moving for years now, but it always feels worse when I travel.

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happy #pinkwednesday! I’m loving this @glowrecipe lip pop, it is the prettiest pink on the lips and makes them super shiny and moisturized.

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two of my all time favorite lip products: the @glossier balm dotcoms and the @tower28beauty lip jellies. I like to pair them up with what I think matches them best. - cherry balm dotcom + lip jelly in “spicy” - birthday balm dotcom + lip jelly in “chill” - coconut balm dotcom + lip jelly in “fire” - berry balm dotcom + lip jelly in “fearless” - birthday balm dotcom + lip jelly in “magic”

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happy friday! here’s an old outtake. I’ve been slacking with my content, but I have a lot to do before I leave town next weekend!

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happy #pinkwednesday! 💖

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how adorable is the lip mask from @idewcare? I love the colors! I dug into it right after I took these photos and I’m loving it. It’s the perfect texture and it doesn’t feel heavy at all, but also is super moisturizing and softens my lips.

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