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These earth tone vibes SNAP 🟤🟠🟢 Add dimension to your next look using smokey shades from our *new* SMITTEN IN SWITZERLAND Palette ❄️ #bhcosmetics

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Passport: ✔️ Camera: ✔️ SMITTEN IN SWITZERLAND: on deck🧊❄️ #bhcosmetics

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Green with envy: @hazelmaven is SMITTEN IN SWITZERLAND with this soft smoky eye ❄️ #bhcosmetics

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The more color the better 🌈 TAP to shop our ~vegan~ TRENDY IN TOKYO Shadow Palette 🍣16 vibrant shades - which will you hit first? 💋#bhcosmetics

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Ready to explore the avant-garde stye of Japan's capital city🗼 TRENDY IN TOKYO🍣 #bhcosmetics

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Stunning @xixiyang electrifies this look having fun with our TRENDY IN TOKYO palette ⚡️ You can snag it now @ultabeauty 🍣 #bhcosmetics

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Get your GLOW ON with 6 perfectly glistening ~vegan~ shades ✨ ILLUMINATING IN IRELAND ☘️ is here: no passports needed! #bhcosmetics

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WOAH 🤯 Get a close up love affair that is SMITTEN IN SWITZERLAND ❄️ 16 ~vegan~ shades to fall for, for just $16 😉 #bhcosmetics

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A pop (or pile on 😉) of color NEVER hurts 😜 TRENDY IN TOKYO is now available 🍶 What's your favorite ~vegan~ shade?! Also, who's craving sushi?!🍣 #bhcosmetics

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Salivating over @trendmood1 ‘s swatch game 🤤 Guess what beauties?! ALL THREE PALETTES ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT @ULTABEAUTY TODAY! 🍣❄️☘️ #bhcosmetics

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You can only choose 1️⃣: Cocktail 🍸 OR Highlight 💫?! We'd order the ILLUMINATING IN IRELAND 6 Color Highlight Palette over a drink any day ☘️. Ready, set, go! Comment down below 👇🏽 #bhcosmetics

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No matter the location, this is your one way ticket ✈️to highlight heaven ✨ Warm up your winter beat today with our ILLUMINATING IN IRELAND 6 Color Highlight Palette ☘️ (for just $16!) #bhcosmetics

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