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RS6 C8 on @dillingerwheels DF1’s ! When this thing gets lowered 😍🔥

4 days ago 0
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The new @dillingerwheels TJ1 are absolutely perfect in a center lock format. This just works 😈

9 days ago 0
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Collaboration project between @dillingerwheels & @gtr.auto . Our partners at GTR commissioned us to build a special set of forged DF1's for this blacked out Panamera ST. Wanted to maintain the OEM look so we re-designed the exterior lip of the wheel to add the diamond cut ring over the dark satin black. First of many projects to come with @gtrauto @dreamcarswithadri behind the camera!

16 days ago 0
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RS6 on DF1’s @dillingerwheels

19 days ago 0
2236576813745292094_1657515419 instagram

Staring straight at you.

24 days ago 0
2235860140948072256_1657515419 instagram

RS6 on dark satin bronze AA1’s

25 days ago 0
2232209176768630501_1657515419 instagram

Number 3 of the week 😎 that 720s on that color on those wheels 🔥

1 months ago 0
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Get down on @dillingerwheels

1 months ago 0
2230777251633868476_1657515419 instagram

Gonna be dropping studio renders for a couple weeks, probably watching that follower count go down but who gives a 💩 Here’s number 1 for y’all.

1 months ago 0
2227916208645630757_1657515419 instagram

Where the widebody tho? 🤨 Originally shot by the legend @basfransenphotography

1 months ago 0
2227121116515196929_1657515419 instagram

Blue or grey? GT63 on @dillingerwheels

1 months ago 0
2218439424225265931_1657515419 instagram

🤯 @dillingerwheels

2 months ago 0
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