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I love my @versace family @donatellaversace @pgdmcasting @samuelellis @gabesemeraro Missing you , Loving you, sending kisses to Milan

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I adore this group of people . Feeling blessed to work in their presence. Thank you to a forever idol of mine @yoonambush for bringing us together. You are love !!! @bulgari #AmbushXBvlgari #BvlgariAccessories @ambushofficial 屢 @tylersphotos @mrcarlosnazario 領儭元賤儭領儭 @jawaraw 攻 @susiesobolmakeup

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A lil bit of time left !! Last sale!!! mcgolrick park! corner of nassau and russell... hosted by the best @sorrymydude !!! So much respect ! Ive got a lil rack of stuff!! curated by my sis @haleywollens ! But also so many great vendors !!! 100% of proceeds going to @abundantbeginnings @brooklynsupportedagriculture ! Thank you @sorrymydude for this !

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City girls Lets ride

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East village mamis reunite #turningsignalLove @lilmamilani @devonleecarlson @deandicriscio @drumaq

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@michaelkors New fw2020 campaign #ad PHOTOGRAPHER: @mikaeljansson STYLIST: @paulcavaco HAIR: @garygillhair MAKEUP: @hannahmurray1 MANICURE: @megumiyamamotonyc

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@michaelkors New fw2020 campaign #ad PHOTOGRAPHER: @mikaeljansson STYLIST: @paulcavaco HAIR: @garygillhair MAKEUP: @hannahmurray1 MANICURE: @megumiyamamotonyc

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A bunny for Diorshow by @richardburbridge @peterphilipsmakeup @DiorMakeup

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... rest in power to the most high RBG返滕Please read this 歹 rp... @barackobama ... And join me in signing the Do not fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat until after the 2021 inauguration petition. If this was her last wish , I only hope we can fulfill it for her. ( I will leave the link in my bio. ) We must honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy and hold every politician accountable to the most basic standards of fairness by demanding they not move any new nomination forward for the lifetime appointment to the highest court in the nation until every vote is counted and the inauguration is complete. In honor of RBG and our planet , we MUST ALL do our part and..VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. 潘潘潘潘

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God Bless this conversation ... THE MissBadu leading us in a breath first thing in the AM. how I will ever start my days again without it? not quite sure 朮 I have Pure love for this tribe brought to you by @riccardotisci17 and @burberry . we spoke about our mutual love and respect for him, mother nature and lockdown . even though we couldnt be there in LND to support him, we are all very grateful to have launched his Burberry 2021 show with loving energy and good graces. Thanks you for bringing us together Riccy, we cherish you @erykahbadu @rosalia.vt @steve.lacy

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extension kisses @gabesemeraro

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I love you !!!!! Every single one of you . I really mean it

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