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The photo lab I’m working with has offered sale on Metal Prints (Wall-ready art) and I’m providing this to you, from today to Thursday July 16 enjoy the exceptional 25% discount on all available photos. You have to use the sale page instead of directly ordering the images. Free shipping: US, Canada, UK & most of Europe, Australia. See: print.babaktafreshi.com link in my bio Metal wall decors are finished mounted prints with hanging rails on the back. They are popular prints due to glossy brilliant look, rich color, durability, at moderate cost.

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Last evening, far from city lights on this lake in New Hampshire, the new Comet NEOWISE was pure spectacle to the camera. The comet tail was visible to naked eye too but fainter & smaller than what you see here, a single exposure photograph of 15 seconds through 135mm lens. Swipe for a closer view through a 600 mm telephoto. Thanks to its five-kilometer-wide icy nucleus, the comet survived a close approach to the sun and is now seen both before dawn and at dusk in the northern latitudes (but not in the Arctic where the night is still too bright). It will become visible in the tropics too, next week, and then at the equator and by late July in the Southern Hemisphere—if it's still bright enough for naked eye viewing. If you are in cities and other light-polluted areas, don’t have high expectations and use a pair of binoculars. It’s true beauty reveals in a dark-sky location. @twanight #comet #cometneowise #stargazing #whitemountainsnh #newengland

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Sound on and enjoy this new released project. The original music piece Celestial by @barbadbayat, performed by Prague Metropolitan Orchestra, along with this rare conjunction of bright planets Venus and Jupiter, with the Lagoon Nebula (far in the Galaxy), above volcanoes and tropical clouds, filmed from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, November 2019. We started the project with writing the music inspired by my work, arranging the 70-piece orchestra, and studio recording in February but the pandemic delayed the release of the first video to now. More to come this year. Studio videos by @amiralivafaei. Watch in better resolution on YouTube.com/babaktafreshi

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This morning before 4 am, ten miles north of Boston, I biked to this location to capture the new Comet NEOWISE rising over the ocean in twilight. While processing the image I was surprised to see a far layer of Noctilucent Clouds (NLC) on the horizon. They are much more prominent in higher latitudes. Swipe to see a short timelapse video of the comet. In the next nights the comet begins to emerge in the evening sky (at dusk on northwest horizon), much easier for all of you in the northern hemisphere to view it but don’t have high expectations. These images are closeup views with telephoto lenses. The comet appears smaller and fainter to the naked eyes unless you use a pair of binoculars or view it away from cities and light pollution. For print & wall art orders use coupon “today20” for 20% sale on this new released photo, until July 11. Link in my bio: print.babaktafreshi.com Shipping internationally @twanight #fineart #comet #cometneowise #newengland #astrophotography

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Big Bear Above Yellowstone. The eruption of the iconic Old Faithful geyser. Yellowstone is home to many bears but here two celestial bears are photographed. Stars of the Big Dipper (in Ursa Major, the Big Bear), appear above the geyser. The north star Polaris in Ursa Minor (the Little Bear) is on the upper right. Swipe to see the constellations. Use coupon “today20” for 20% sale on print & wall-ready art of this photo until July 8. Link in my bio and today story, plus the phone wallpapers. print.babaktafreshi.com @twanight #fineart #yellowstonenationalpark #bigdipper #geyser #polaris

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On June 19th I posted a photo of this rare celestial meeting when Venus, hidden behind the moon in an astronomical occultation, reappeared before sunrise. This is timelapse video of that early morning. For fine art prints of this and other images see the link in my bio: print.babaktafreshi.com @twanight #moon #venus #newengland

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Largest Planet, Longest Canyon. Like a beacon in the heavens, Jupiter rises over Grand Canyon in Arizona-Utah border. About 280 miles (450 km) this deep massive gorge is carved by the Colorado River over millions of years. Photographed in moonlight in Nov 2012 I used a star filter on the lens to create the spikes. Next to Jupiter is red-orange star Aldebaran in the Bull's head, the prominent V-shape figure in constellation Taurus. Swipe to see a behind-the-scene shot of me later in the night. For fine art prints of this and other images see the link in my bio: print.babaktafreshi.com Free shipping: US, Canada, Europe, Australia. @twanight #fineart #astrophotography #jupiter #grandcanyon

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Atitlan Celestial Dusk. The color of twilight in this tropical latitude was still visible to the camera as stars and the Milky Way began to reveal above villages on Lake Atitlan, a sacred home to Maya people in Guatemala. A rare celestial meeting is captured above the clouds in this Nov 2019 evening. The two brightest planets in the Earth's sky, Venus and Jupiter, are seen next to the Lagoon Nebula, some 4,100 light-years away in the galaxy. Swipe to see a closer view. For print orders see: print.babaktafreshi.com (link in my bio) @twanight #fineart #astrophotography #lakeatitlan #guatemala

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A Paradise on Earth. The Milky Way’s core region rises above a massive caldera, filled with clouds, in La Palma, Canary Islands, the place of my annual Astromaster Photo Workshop which I have missed visiting this spring due to the pandemic. This single exposure photograph reveals beyond our unaided vision, revealing the true color of the Milky Way, nebulae, orange & cyan colors of airglow (natural atmospheric emission) and more stars than we could see. But still the view was breath-taking to our eyes. Light of a town under the clouds made the golden line. For print orders (link in my bio) see print.babaktafreshi.com

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A couple of nights ago in the backyard, the crescent moon in the evening sky was in a celestial conjunction beyond our unaided vision. A pair of binocular would show how our closest celestial companion appears next to the Beehive Star Cluster some 600 light years away in the galaxy. This 600mm telephoto view resembles a mid-sized binocular or small telescope view. Zoom on the image to see the cluster better. Swipe to the next slide to see what was visible to the naked eyes. During new moon nights the night side of the moon is mainly facing the Earth and the much brighter sun-facing side is the crescent. However the night-side of is not totally dark but gently lit by the Earth. That’s why its called the Earthshine, also known as the Da Vinci Glow since the 16th century Italian polymath was one of the first who described it. @twanight #newmoon #earthshine #davinciglow #astrophotography

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Under Yosemite Sky. The Milky Way Above Towering Giant Sequoia Trees, Some of the Largest and Tallest Trees on Earth, reaching 70-80 meters tall (210-240 ft) and up to 2700 years old. Photographed a few years ago in California. Available for print orders now: print.babaktafreshi.com (link in my bio) @twanight #yosemite #sequoia #trees #nightsky #fineart

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Stargazing by the ocean. Swipe slowly to see the entire view. A night begins on the Southern Ocean shores in New Zealand, from my Oct 2019 lecture tour around the country. The Milky Way and the Large Magellanic Cloud appear in the sky. A side light has illuminated the foreground during this single exposure photograph. Frame & matte option for all prints and wall decors are now added to my fine art print store: print.babaktafreshi.com (link in my bio) #fineart #astrophotography #stargazing @twanight

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