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peintures italiannes 🎣

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blueberry break

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the charlie’s angels soundtrack is available for preorder now ! 👼🏼🖤 excited and honored to have so many phenomenal, bad ass mf women involved in this incredibly special project. we’re all so excited for you to hear this poppy, mildly trappy at times, action filled, dream of a soundtrack. these songs are so right for this film! this has been such a unique and exciting experience for me and i’m so excited to see it and scream whenever i hear all my friends’ voices. the time is almost here @awsuki @ilyamusic ! thank u for having me along on this ride !

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not necessarily #voicenotesseries but needs to be shared. aaron’s first time hearing 7 rings pre adlibs / verse stacks etc. i-

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the way i can’t look at you without losing it @iamskot i love u

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