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Today was magical 🍂♥

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Best thing about autumn - cozy sweaters 🐻♥

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You will find me in the jungle 🌿

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Mint & cream color combo ♥

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Me and nature, as one 🕊♥

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Would you believe me if I said I was 5’1 / 155 cm? 🙊♥ #ilooktallerthaniam #dontbefooled #imnot

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Off to dinner with my love tonight! I hope you have a lovely Friday as well 💗

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Off to the gym 💪🏻 Are you going today? A lot of you have been asking me for advice how to get started and/or find motivation for the gym if you are new to it. I remember when I started going, and my goal was actually to just do “something active” during the day. If I just went to the gym and did something, just pushing me to do something it would at least be something. Just get the routine to go to the gym, do something I felt like doing (a class, a run/or walk, lifting weights) and then leaving the gym with a feeling that I actually went, felt proud, and was looking forward to my next workout. That was more important for me than going all in with too much pressure on myself or TOO much expectations of quick results. I knew that it wouldn’t last, because finding a good balance is maintainable and extreme isn’t. In the long run I knew if I just kept going it would come naturally to eventually start pushing and challenging myself more and more. Results takes time and time flies when you are having fun and feel good about yourself ♥

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