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APHA is commemorating Juneteenth as day of freedom: "This occasion is even more significant during this watershed moment in our history, when millions of us are standing up in unison against racism and law enforcement violence against black Americans." #BlackLivesMatter #Juneteenth

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Need a mental health break? Spending time in nature can have a powerful effect on your mood and well-being, notes APHA President Lisa Carslon. Join Lisa and her wife, Johanna Hinman, as they take a relaxing walk through Atlanta's South Peachtree Creek Trail. Watch the video now on our Instagram Story or Highlight! #MentalHealth #Nature #Relaxation #Destress

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Today’s Supreme Court ruling confirming employees cannot be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity is a welcome victory for both public health and the rights of LGBTQ Americans. APHA is calling on policymakers to take further steps to protect the health and well-being of people who are transgender in light of a new HHS rule that strips health care discrimination protections from people who are transgender. “Discrimination is a significant threat to health, and APHA will continue to advocate for policies to protect LGBTQ Americans from this offense in all facets of society," said APHA in a statement today.

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Thank you to the public health professionals and advocates who are fighting this weekend, this month and every single day for racial justice, to end the COVID-19 outbreak, and to protect the health of their communities. We ❤️ you! #ThankYouPublicHealth

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After careful consideration of the health risks posed by the #COVID19 pandemic, APHA has announced the #APHA2020 Annual Meeting and Expo will be an all-virtual event. With a theme of "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Preventing Violence," APHA 2020 will be held online Oct. 24-28. Save the date for registration, which opens July 1! Find out more at APHA.org/AnnualMeeting

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Racism is harmful to both health & well-being. Learn how we can advance racial equity & justice in APHA’s new #AdvancingRacialEquity webinar series. Register now for the June 9 kickoff on “Racism: The Ultimate Underlying Condition." APHA.org/racial-equity #EndRacism

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“We also condemn police violence against community residents who have expressed frustration and despair over day-to-day racism. This racism, while far too commonplace in our health care system, in housing, in employment and beyond, has rocked this nation and is tantamount to a public health crisis.” Read the full statement at APHA.org. #GeorgeFloyd #EndRacism 2/2 (Photo of Washington, D.C, protests courtesy Susan Polan, APHA)

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APHA denounced the use of violent methods by law enforcement against peaceful protesters today: “We stand by the millions of people across the country and around the world who have come together to speak out against the unjust killing of George Floyd — itself an act of police violence — and we demand that peaceful demonstrators be treated with the dignity and respect our Constitution guarantees.” Read the full statement at APHA.org. #GeorgeFloyd #EndRacism #BlackLivesMatter 1/2 (Photo of Washington, D.C, protests courtesy Susan Polan, APHA)

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On this #BlackoutTuesday, we show our solidarity.

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“I can’t breathe.” With those last words, George Floyd, an unarmed, handcuffed black man, died this week after being pinned down by a white Minneapolis police officer. We are appalled but are not surprised by the despicable way Floyd was killed. Racism is a longstanding systemic structure in this country that must be dismantled. Americans cannot be silent about this. And we refuse to be silent. Read our statement here or on the APHA website: APHA.org #GeorgeFloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd #BlackLivesMatter

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Voting is one of the most important things we can do to support public health. But how can you vote safely while there’s a pandemic going on? 🤔 Check out these new #HealthyVoting guides for tips on protecting your health while casting your ballot. Then share them with your friends, family and community so they can stay safe too! HealthyVoting.org #PublicHealth #COVID19

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Calling all 2020 grads: APHA and @TIMESUPNOW want to celebrate YOU! Your academic achievements and upcoming career in STEM are what make the field of health sciences so incredible. Join us this Thursday, May 28, at 5 PM EDT for a virtual #HealthSTEMencement: Healthstemencement.org #Classof2020 #TIMESUPHC

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‪Staying safe at home pays off! Ordering people to do so has already prevented 2.1M #COVID19 hospitalizations and 230K+ deaths in 30 major U.S. cities, reports Big Cities Health Coalition www.bigcitieshealth.org/stayhomeimpact‬ #StaySafeStayHome

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Congratulations to the public health #Classof2020! “We applaud the perseverance and work these graduates have put forth, especially during this uncertain time,” said APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD. “In this hour of need, there is no better time to serve the public’s health. These graduates are the leaders of tomorrow, and the lessons they have learned during this outbreak will guide the future of public health.” Read the full statement: bit.ly/phgrads2020

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Let’s create a wave of generosity for those fighting #COVID19 this #GivingTuesdayNow. At APHA, we’ve been working tirelessly to get public health workers the support they need to fight this disease, including science-based information from a source they can trust. You can help us in this critical work by making a $5 contribution to APHA. (Why $5? It’s May the 5th, and we know times are tight.) Thank you for all you are doing during this outbreak, especially your dedication to the health and well-being of your community. We are proud to be among you! Donate now at APHA.org/donate or use the link in our bio. #GivingTuesday #Give5 #SpeakForHealth

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NBA star @CarmeloAnthony speaks to APHA’s Georges Benjamin about #COVID19 and the black community: “There’s lots we can do to protect ourselves,” Benjamin says. Watch now! Link to video in bio. #StayAtHome

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APHA has denounced the Trump administration's decision to halt U.S. funding for the World Health Organization. Ending U.S. contributions to WHO will cripple the world's response to #COVID19 and could harm the health and lives of thousands of Americans as well. “Any effort to remove funding from WHO, particularly in this time of crisis, would be a crime against humanity and endanger the health of Americans and people around the world,” said Georges Benjamin, MD, APHA's executive director, in a statement.

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You do this because you care, because you’re passionate about helping, because you know you can change things for the better. You work long hours — especially now — often putting the needs of others before your own. Because of you, communities are stronger, people live longer and families are happier and healthier. You don’t do it for the recognition — which is good, because people don’t always know what you do — but the fact that you’re there makes all the difference. You are public health, and we are thankful. This day, and each and every day, #ThankYouPublicHealth #NPHW

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