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Supermodel and businesswoman #TyraBanks has been teaching us how to be on top since the days of #ANTM. “It's not about being better than the person next to you. It's about being different," she tells @Allure features director @jcruel in a special Beauty Boss episode of #TheAllurePodcast. Tyra maintains that same philosophy when she enters into a new business venture, like her current @modelland project. Tap the link in the bio to hear the full episode.

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Missed the pink moon last night, so this will have to do for now 💞 #regram: @lavidalushie

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Getting in that Vitamin C glow 🍊✨ #regram: @namvo

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Just me and my bestie having a spa day once this is all over. 🛁🐶 #regram: @helloorganicsusa

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These brows though... 😍 If you can't go one more day without grabbing the tweezers, read up on these expert tips for at-home brow maintenance. Tap the link in bio for more. #regram: @nikkimakeup

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This is what you meant when you said stock up your fridge, right? #regram: @heymichellelee

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Just this weekend, the CDC recommended everyone wear cloth face coverings when social distancing is difficult, like on grocery & pharmacy runs. The new guideline aims to slow the spread of coronavirus and prevent people who are asymptomatic from transmitting it to others. @allures @alitheacastillo creates a DIY mask from a scarf and hair ties (inspired by @bridgetbragerhairs tutorial). While this mask may not provide the same level of protection as N-95 respirators, it does help reduce the high demand of the personal protective equipment that should be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders. Tap the link in bio for more on the CDC's message.

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Actual photo of me at day of quarantine 🛀🏼🍾🍝💻 #regram: @mytherapistsays #zoekravitz

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All about this very subtle pop of blue 👏🏽✨ #regram: @shahdbatal

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The perfect mani doesn’t exi—— 💅🏼 #regram: @faithxue

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A different take on makeup 🌀 #Euphoria makeup artist @donni.davy calls it ‘Makeup Freestyling’ and with anxiety at an all-time high during a global pandemic, this type of makeup therapy proves helpful to many. Link in bio to know more. #regram: #HunterSchafer & @nightmaring

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@miamimermaidelle shares how she protects her skin, hair, and the ocean while diving and performing. Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/JfUjz00snVE

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