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Apparently lint rolling my leggings did not fit into my very busy schedule today which consists of supersetting old episodes of survivor and napping

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Hi I hope you’re doing ok 💕 my bf made me clean today so I’m fatigued 💕 but I’m happy he did 💕 I guess 💕

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LEG WORKOUT brought to you by bands we were able to get off amazon before they sold out. I went to get the link for you and they’re no longer available I AM SORRY 😭 if you don’t have bands, keep checking online as certain things have been restocking! . This workout was utilizing bands and a detergent bottle here and there. I’m just including the videos of band movements here, but the whole workout is below. . I did extremely high rep with the lighter band to get the movements down, and I plan on transitioning to the heavier bands and still doing pretty high rep from here on out. Really burn out the muscles, as many reps as it takes. You can tell by my SWEAT that home workouts can still challenge you! I did this workout in circuits, here ya go: . 🌈CIRCUIT #1: Banded Squats x 20-30 Banded Lunges x 15-20 each leg SL Hip Thrust x 20 each leg Rest 1:00; Repeat 4x . 🌈CIRCUIT #2: Banded Good Mornings x 20-30 Bulgarian SS (holding detergent bottle) x 15-20 Banded Crab Walks x 10 each way Rest 1:00; Repeat 4x . 🌈CIRCUIT #3: Banded Squat Pulses x 20-30 Banded Good Mornings x 20-30 Banded Lunge Pulses x 15-20 each leg Rest 1:00; Repeat 3x . ENJOY. ILY. 🖤

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Quarantine day 15. Made an amazing montage of our dog. She whips her head around when you say her name no matter what. I hope this brings you happiness. Enjoy.

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Just thinking about going to places 🥰 . how r u on this fine tuesday or wednesday or whatever “day” we’re on. Yesterday I went to my therapy session via a Zoom call. Video chatting makes me anxious so I was interested to see if I’d come out the other side feeling better or worse. At the beginning she kept breaking up and my social anxiety kicked into high gear over our not smooth communication, but then Comcast blessed me with a slightly working internet and all was well. Overall I felt better so that’s a win. Anyways, all of that to say keep going to therapy virtually if you can. It helps. Ok I love you.

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GIVEAWAY ALERT 🖤🤍💛 . HELLO HI HOW IS YOUR DAY . Recently I asked on my story what I could give away to help people during this difficult time. Some said gift cards, and some said some cash to help with necessities. SO my indecisive ass is doing both. . There will be TWO WINNERS. I’m giving away $50 cash to one winner, and a $50 giftcard to Etsy for the other winner so you can get yourself a treat and support a small business! . RULEZ: . ⚡️Like this photo . ⚡️TAG A CUTIE PIE FRIEND . Winner will be chosen Friday! Good luck! I hope this helps in some small way🖤

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Swipe for me to fuss at you a lil bit 😔 I still love you but we all have to do our part 😔 stay home pls 😔 it’s important 😔

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Hello here are 4 simple ways to style baggy jeans. Save it for the future when we’re able to go to a place again bc if you’re wearing jeans while staying home.......who r u trying to impress . ily stay home pls

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This is the one and only time I will recommend circuits thank u covid 19 . If you want to get some cardio in while at home, you can do circuits like these at your house, go running, or do sprints outside! . If you’d like to get your heart rate up in the comfort of your living room, I HIGHLY recommend this one! It had me SWEATING and my LEGS BURNING after only 25 minutes. TRY IT OUT! . 🖤Bodyweight Squats (keep constant tension) immediately followed by 🖤Jump Squats x 10 🖤Singe Leg Glute Bridge x 10 both legs 🖤Side Lunges (try your explode out of the bottom of the lunge) 🖤Jump Squats again x 10 🖤Mountain Climbers x 20 🌈Rest 1:00 🌈Repeat 3-5 times 🌈Hate me . Let me know if you try!! Ily 🖤👽

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Coffee in bed is the only way to remind myself it’s the weekend since we no longer live in a space time continuum. I’m going to start posting photos of things that make me happy during this time bc I only have so many selfie spots in my home and don’t want to exhaust them all within the first week. . How r u?? I love y’all. Ok bye.

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hello my socially distant friends

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My lil social distancing buddy 🥺 Belle has been perfecting the art of social distancing for YEARS. Her advice is to nap on different blankets all day and give other humans in your home attention on your terms only. And scream when you want food. The end.

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Another no equipment home workout. LEGS THIS TIME. . Reminder that you can fill up detergent bottles or something similar with water to get a variety of weights! I focused on keeping constant tension and extremely high reps for this workout since the weight was not challenging for me. I stayed between 20-30 reps and kept my muscles engaged. I am also doing mostly unilateral (one leg at a time) movements bc it’s such a light weight. I’m lucky that my bf does handyman work and had buckets of whatever this is at the house. You can find them at Home Depot for $5 if ur interested. I also did weighted step ups and jump squats at the end to burn my legs out. . Ok I love y’all!!

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Preferred wardrobe of Social Distancing 2020: boyfriend’s sweaters. And sweatshirts. And sweatpants. And socks. Thanks in advance @docaaron love u

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Workout brought to you by..Tide? I guess? I’ll be waiting for my influencer check @tidelaundry . DID U KNOW!! You can fill up these detergent bottles with water to make them a variety of weights? If you have no equipment at home, find something like this that has a handle and can hold water and get creative! . Here’s a full upper body workout ft. a detergent bottle. Do I feel dumb as hell doing this? Slightly. Is it helpful to those without any equipment at home? HOPEFULLY LOL. . I also did pushups and utilized our new pull-up bar for some static hold pull-ups. And did some abs. I’ll post some abs this week also! . One thing you can focus on during this time is REPS! Push yourself to get a new number of reps each week, since you don’t have heavy weights to play with! . I love y’all stay safe.

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Social distancing ootd what do u think . How is everyone holding up? My main fear for myself during this time is getting depressed. Staying inside for weeks sounds like a dream until I am glued to the couch with a plummeting self esteem and no will to do anything at all. Who can relate :)))))) . I’m planning out several measures to keep myself from falling into that pit. That’s all we can do at this point. Have self awareness that this is something we struggle with, and do our best to plan. So far I’m planning daily walks, workouts, and projects with my boo @docaaron. ANYWAYS how are you I really wanna know!! I love you.

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Reposting this Dumbbell Only leg workout bc uh desperate times amiright? If you have a pair of dumbbells at home, here are some moves you can do! . I’ll be starting a home workout regimen tomorrow after taking a couple days off, so I’ll try to film some of it for you! And I’ll continue to make posts with some tips and tricks to do fitness during this trying time. My heart goes out to all effected so far by the virus, physically and financially. I know there’s nothing I can say to make it better, but I wish there was. I love all of you. . ANYWAYS: 💁🏻‍♀️Heavy DB Squat 💁🏻‍♀️Romanian Deadlifts: neutral neck on these!!! 💁🏻‍♀️Weighted Lunges: step forward into the lunge for more of a quad burn; step back into the lunge for a glute burn. 💁🏻‍♀️Lunge Pulses: ouch 💁🏻‍♀️Single Leg Weighted Glute Bridges 💁🏻‍♀️Heels Elevated Squats: keep constant tension; don’t lock out at the top; embrace the burn Enjoy my sweet lil angels. I also have my 8 week home workout guide on sale for $10 to help all who need it! Link in bio!

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Greetings🖖🏻 I’ve heard that gyms everywhere are closing due to our lovely COVID-19, so I made my home guide HELLA CHEAP to help more people get workouts in at home! 8 weeks of workouts for $10. All you need are 2 pairs of dumbbells and a resistance band. You can find the link in my story! Stay safe ily 🖤🖤🖤

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