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For the first time, @thephotosociety is hosting a flash print sale to support @DirectRelief, an organization working to provide resources to medical workers fighting the pandemic, and @CampaignZero, an organization aiming to end police violence in the United States. I'm happy to include this image from my last project about Inuit subsistence traditions in the Canadian Arctic, of a friend of mine hunting for seals with her baby on her back. Only a few prints are left - link in bio. Only 20 prints are available of each image from 35 @natgeo photographers. Each collectable flash sale print has a 6.5” x 9.5” image size on an 8.5” x 11” fine art paper. @EpsonProPhotography technology was chosen to produce the print for the highest quality and print permanence. The sale ends on June 30th. Check the link in my bio for amazing images by @bethjwald, @nicholesobecki, @ladzinski, @melissafarlow and many others!

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Back in Alaska for the summer.

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Black lives matter.

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Salmon school, Brooks Camp, Alaska. An image from my recent story in the @guardian about how Alaska's most prolific wild salmon ecosystem is imminently threatened by the proposed Pebble Mine. Link in bio! #salmon #alaska #pebblemine #brookscamp #katmainationalpark #saveoursalmon #bristolbay

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My first piece for the @guardian is now online, about how Alaska's largest congregations of wild brown bears - and the vast, important wilderness they inhabit - are imminently threatened by the proposed Pebble Mine. Link in bio. Thank you to @jehanjillani for helping this story come to life. This is an urgent issue to me, my family, and community, and I am pleased to have it shared with a wider audience, especially as Pebble tries to move towards its final permitting this summer in the midst of the pandemic. Please consider sharing! #alaska #brownbears #pebblemine #bristolbay #katmainationalpark #thinkaboutbears

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One of my favorite outtakes from my last trip to the Canadian Arctic. Upon arriving at our campsite after a nine-hour snowmobile journey from Arctic Bay to a fishing lake, the young girls in my host family immediately unpacked this miniature pink qamutik, or sled. At first, I thought it was a toy - and mostly, it was - but it also ended up being what I was immediately given to go haul in the rocks we needed to hold down our tent. I love the dusting of snow in this photo on the girls' beaver skin mittens. Missing the Arctic and friends there. #arcticbay #nunavut #seaice #seaicestories #baffinisland #inuit #springcamping #ontheland #fishingderby #qamutik

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Day 55. Springtime bringing color and joy through the edge of darkness. #everydaymagic #quarantinediary #covid19 #sweden

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Day 47. An eerie self-portrait in the spring-blooming night. #selfportrait #selfisolation #spring #blossoms #öland #sweden #covid-19 #portrait #quarantinediary

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Friends! If you love Alaska's bears and want them to exist for future generations, please read on. I am distressed to learn that despite everything currently going on, the US Army Corps of Engineers is rushing the permitting for the proposed Pebble Mine while Alaska is on pandemic lockdown. This controversial mine could risk destroying the habitat of the world's largest congregations of brown bears, the ancestral homelands of numerous tribal groups, and the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world, which provides 14,000 sustainable jobs. Rushing the mine's environmental review process during a pandemic, in my opinion, is reckless. The good news is that quarantine is a great time to take action. Tomorrow, April 21st, at 1pm Mountain Time, bear guide @drewhh will be hosting a digital film premiere of 'Pebble Redux: The Bears of Amakdedori', where you can learn more about these amazing animals - and also learn what you can do to help, right now, wherever you are! Link to register in @drewhhs bio. The Alaska Peninsula's ecosystem is a global treasure that is of great personal importance to both me and my family. See the link in my bio, and story highlights, for the story I photographed about bears and Pebble Mine for @natgeo last summer with my former-bear-guide parents. And see you tomorrow, online, for the film premiere! #brownbears #alaska #keepalaskawild #savebristolbay #thinkaboutbears #shareyourbears #nopebblemine

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Still Here. Self Portrait, Day 31. Today we passed one month of self-quarantine. As for likely everyone else, it has been a challenging time - losing work, being separated from family and friends, staggering future uncertainties - but we are still here, healthy, safe, and trying to focus on the positives. I woke up at 04:30 today and again found inspiration at the local bus stop. The world can often feel veiled behind glass right now - screens, windows - and yes, it's uncomfortable. But we're still here. And one day this too will be a memory, hopefully one from which we have learned a great deal. #selfquarantine #hope #covid19 #isolation #selfportrait #sweden #quarantinediary

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Quarantine Day 27. Setting sun and dreams of transportation. Love this magical bus stop patterned with vehicles and reflecting two directions at once. #selfquarantine #covid19 #selfisolation #sweden #reflections

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Excellent news! I am delighted to be chosen as one of the winners of the Tokyo International Photography Competition (TIPC) for my project 'Sea Ice Stories', a series about Inuit subsistence hunting and camping traditions in Arctic Bay, Nunavut. This award will result in a traveling group exhibition with seven other artists in New York, Dublin, Tokyo, and Taipei. Thank you to @unitedphoto and @tip.japan for this opportunity, and to the families in Arctic Bay who welcomed me into their lives for this project. I hope that the exhibition can help viewers understand how the sea ice ecosystem is important for Inuit subsistence hunting, culture, and the transfer of traditional knowledge. Note: Due to the pandemic, actual exhibition dates/venues will be specified at a later date. Stay tuned for more! Thank you universe ✨❄️

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