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Just wanna be on the water so I took my happy ass paddle boarding 🤠🌞 also, think I’m late to the party but never buying a swim top again. Sports bras all the way from here on lol

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Does the shift even count if I don’t post a selfie with my coffee!?! I’ma say nahhh 👀💃🙃

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Lucky for you I don’t want to 💀💃🤣 #shesbeautyandshesgrace

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Thankful to live in a country where we’re free and able to use our voices and act on what needs to be changed! Happy Independence Day, peeps! 🇺🇸🎆❤️🤍💙

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GUH!!!!! We ain’t sappy, so I’ll leave it to this— I’m so thankful the gym brought us together, and our goofiness and weird only amplifies each other’s. Stay cool. Never change. LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

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A lil different view from my red dirt hikes in Texas 🌲🌞

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When you’re so weird your best friend can’t even finish her sentence 😩😂 @kristynchanel #normalbehavior⁣ ⁣ Alt caption: mom are you proud? is this why I’m single?

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I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a reason to dress up, so here’s a lil reminder 💃🤙🏼 #6ft3withheels

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Ayyyy! Who else in the nurse gang gang!?! (Dis b4 Covid and masks lolol) Today is my first day of my new assignment!! I’m so excited to be in NC and to explore all the hiking, rafting, and swimming over the next 13 weeks! Literally a dream for someone who loves all things outdoors 🥰💃😍

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Going through mems and found this from almost a year ago... Consistency 👆🏼 we gone bring it back, bebe (the blonde too lol) 👀💃

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The many faces of the reality of me packing up and moving out across the country tomorrow sinking in lmao my dream is finally happening!!!! #travelnurse

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Found a hidden gem on my hike 🥰

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Never let any amount of boredom drive you to box color your hair!!!!!!! Or else be prepared to go through a brassy, awkward stage when your spontaneity kicks in and you decide to go back light. You’d think I’d learn by now lmao honestly not mad about this color at all, she did a great job considering what I gave her to work with!! But still. Y’all please learn from my mistakes 😩🤣 #itsaprocess

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All my exes live in Texas 💃

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We serve looks at 8:45 in the morning too, don’t worry honey 😘💃

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Nader season is upon us so here’s another ATX pic while I sit inside during this hail/thunderstorm downing sours in case I’m sucked up and taken to Oz like Dorothy 🍻🌪⛈

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Ever put makeup on for the heck of it just to get a sonic drink, drive the drag, and listen to music cuz small town? Same lol

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Night 1/3 to for the start of the 13th and last week of my first travel assignmemt!!!!!! Time. Has. Flown. 😱 #readyformycoffee

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