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last couple from beautiful @chanelofficial show

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@chanelofficial backstage

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Feel so blessed to be included in gorgeous @chanelofficial haute couture show! Walking in a beautiful garden of a cloister from Coco Chanel childhood was like a magic✨Love my dress so much🖤Merci beaucoup to the entire team @chanelofficial @virginieviard @aurelieduclos @augustindolmaillot @luciapicaofficial @damienboissinothair @osana13 @marinamss #chanelhautecouture

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DIOR Haute Couture! Dreams come true❤️ Incredible show with such powerful messages to the world, so honoured and thankful to have been part of it! Lots of love to all the team @dior @mariagraziachiuri @emperor.lee @shawnd3z @elinsvahn @guidopalau @peterphilipsmakeup 💗

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So happy to walk for @acnestudios 💜 In love with my outfit! Thanks a lot for including me in this amazing show @acnestudios @arthurmejean @samuelellis @pgdmcasting @ursinagysi @peterphilipsmakeup @hollismithhead

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Really loved walking the @amiri men’s show❤️Thanks a lot for having me,that was a pleasure! @amiri @julialangecasting @mikeamiri @elodiedavid @eugenesouleiman @lucyjbridge

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BOVARY,PROVINCIAL MANNERS for @apartpublications 🕷 Photographer: @camillemompach Style: @cefraan Set design: @mwlala Makeup: @rikabitton Hair: @valentinjordanwatrelot Casting: @marielevypro

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BOVARY,PROVINCIAL MANNERS for @apartpublications 🖤 Ph: @camillemompach Style: @cefraan Set design: @mwlala Makeup: @rikabitton Hair: @valentinjordanwatrelot Casting: @marielevypro

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BOVARY,PROVINCIAL MANNERS for @apartpublications is out now Thanks a lot to the dream team for such a nice shooting, for the opportunity to perform the role of Madam Bovary for one day and to see the French countryside and beautiful landscapes of this place❤️🤩 Ph: @camillemompach Style: @cefraan Set design: @mwlala Makeup: @rikabitton Hair: @valentinjordanwatrelot Casting: @marielevypro And thanks to @fredericpabisiak @jonathan.blch

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@chanelofficial 🖤

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@chanelofficial ❤️❤️❤️ Can’t describe how honored I am to have been part of this amazing show🌟 So in love with the collection and my outfit! Merci Beaucoup for having me one more time💗 So blessed and grateful @chanelofficial @virginieviard @aurelieduclos @augustindolmaillot @luciapicaofficial @sammcknight1 #chanelmediartsart @osana13 @womenparis ❤️

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miss that craziness of fashion week;) backstage @rickowensonline ph @captcharly

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backstage @driesvannoten 🖤 @voguebeauty

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✨@chanelofficial ✨

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I still can’t believe it happened to me! Never could dream about walking for gorgeous @chanelofficial on the rooftops of Paris❤️ can’t explain how happy I am! And congratulations with amazing collection!🌟Forever grateful for this opportunity @chanelofficial @virginieviard @aurelieduclos @amandaharlech @luciapicaofficial @sammcknight1 @osana13 @womenparis @mssmodelgroup @marinamss 💗

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So beautiful collection @oliviertheyskens Thank u so much for including me in your amazing show @italia3bis @isamayaffrench @eugenesouleiman ❤️❤️❤️ it was a pleasure! @womenparis @mssmodelgroup

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