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Sebastian Mullaert, @sebastianmullaert is an internationally acclaimed music artist based in Sweden. He’s been part of the electronic music scene since the mid 90s, and is widely recognized for his duo project with Marcus Henriksson – Minilogue. The name is a blend of minimal music and dialogue, which refers to music as a form of communication. Since 2014, Sebastian has been focusing on his solo projects such as Circle Of Live, @circleof.live and modern-classical works with Subchamber Ensmble, @subchamberensmble. Sebastian shares his experience in editing his music with Loupedeck CT, which has since found its rightful place in his studio in Röstånga, Sweden. “The reason why I use Loupedeck is that it is extremely flexible. I can address any button or dial to perform any action or adjust any parameter I choose in the program I work with. I work with Ableton Live mostly, it is all programmed for that.” - @sebastianmullaert

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Meet the Loupedeck CT Travel Case, perfectly designed to keep your console safe and secure! Purchase separately or as a bundle with Loupedeck CT. Pre-order yours today.

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Thirapat, aka @Paulpayasalad, is a creative food photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He has photographed foods all over Sydney, from rustic cafes to award winning fine dining restaurants. His style is complex, natural, soft, and romantic, which make his photos so genuine and appealing. Thirapat loves to create thoughtful images that reflect new perspectives of things, and with Loupedeck+ he is able to bring his ideas to life faster and more naturally. #loupedeck#loupedeckplus#foodphotography

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Visala Wong is a professional photographer and designer based in Hong Kong. Visala loves experimenting with minimalistic and cinematic themes in her work. Her artistic style encompasses natural and unnatural moments combined with elements of design and illusion effects that enhance the mood far beyond the mere moment captured in a conventional photographs. ⠀ @vforvisala has begun using her new Loupedeck CT for a more efficient editing routine, so she can focus her attention on breaking conventional boundaries and creating one of a kind works of art. #loupedeck#loupedeckct#creativetool#loupedeckcreativetool#adobelightroom

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Meet the man behind the suit. Lando Griffin an ‘anonymous’ US-based artist known as the “Suited Racer”, and is one of Loupedeck’s most obscure users. Explore the dark, dystopian aura surrounding the “Suited Racer” in our latest interview and discover how the Loupedeck+ editing console helped bring this character to life. ⠀ “The Loupedeck console turned my post-production work from a serial endeavor, to a parallel endeavor.” - Lando Griffin @thesuitedracer ⠀ Read More at loupedeck.com/en/stories

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The Cinema 4D Custom Profile is here! Efficiently control Cinema 4D using your Loupedeck CT and access all of your favorite tools for creating motion graphics. The Cinema 4D profile is a Community Custom Profile designed by Jonathan Winbush @jonathanwinbush, multi-award winning motion graphics artist. The profile is available for download at loupedeck.com

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We teamed up with @behindthescenegram for an exciting giveaway to say thank you for supporting Loupedeck. Please see below for more details on how you can win your own Loupedeck CT along with a variety of products to add to your video editing workstation! ⠀ BTS-GRAM GIVEAWAY (Life Changing Campaign) - Season 1: ⠀ 3 winners, divided into 1st Place, 2nd Place & 3rd Place. 1st place winner is getting a complete package of products for video making. ⠀ 👉Head to @behindthescenegrams page to enter giveaway. ⠀ Winners will be announced on BEHINDTHESCENEGRAM's YouTube Channel Via a Live Raffle Draw on Monday the 20th Day of April, 2020. Time 09:00 PST. ⠀ Youtube link in @behindthescenegrams Bio. Good Luck Everyone & Stay Safe! * * * * * #loupedeck #loupedeckct #loupedeckplus #creativetool #loupedeckcreativetool #giveaway #filmmaking #videoediting

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Are you ready for the Loupedeck Custom Profile Challenge? ⠀ Starting today - create and share your own Custom Profile and be among first to get a Free Loupedeck CT Travel Case! ⠀ Challenge ends May 10th! ⠀ Find out how to get started in our latest blog post! You can find the link in the highlights. ⠀ #loupedeck#loupedeckct#creativetool

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Today, we’re excited to introduce the Loupedeck Profile Creator & Streamlabs in Software v3.2. ⠀ Loupedeck CT users can now create their own Custom Profiles for any 3rd party software, further expanding the functionality of their console & intuitively control their live-video streams with the most popular streaming software - Streamlabs! ⠀ Check out our latest blog post to learn more about this exciting new update! ⠀ #loupedeck#loupedeckct#creativetool#streamlabs#editingworkflow

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We would like to introduce our Loupedeck Ambassador from sunny Florida, Aral Tasher - @araltasher. See what UX specialist and Content Creator Aral has to say about his experience with his new Loupedeck CT. ⠀ “I am a UX Engineer by day and a content creator by night. I'm obsessed with innovative, premium tech products. I use my Instagram to channel that obsession, and maybe help a couple of people pick the right products along the way. ⠀ Posting content on the regular means shooting and editing photos is pretty much a part of my everyday routine. The Loupdeck CT has been a gamechanger in my editing process, as it has allowed me to streamline my workflow immensely. It's incredibly customizable and has removed friction in my editing; I can now focus less on fine-adjusting the sliders no matter what screen size I'm on, and more on getting my content the way I imagined in my head.” – Aral Tasher, US. #editingworkflow #contentcreation #contentcreator #lightroom #photoshop #adobe #premiere #loupedeck #creativetool #loupedeckct

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Discover your editing potential with SLR Lounge's Mastering Lightroom Workshop. Learn everything you need to know about Lightroom's interface, catalog structure, and mastering raw processing. Buy the workshop today and recieve 10% off the purchase of Loupedeck+.

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It's here! 🎉 The Loupedeck+ Travel Case is now available exclusively in the Loupedeck webshop. Can also be purchased as part of the Loupedeck+ Travel Case Bundle. Pick up yours today! #loupedeck#loupedeckplus#loupedecktravelcase

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Editing in itself is a highly personalized process - we all have our own favorite tools, software, shortcuts and styles! When it comes to color-grading having quick access to the tools you use is essential. With Loupedeck CT you can create and switch between custom workspaces organized with the tools you use, allowing you to focus on your work. No more searching for panels or adjustment sliders - everything you need can be accessed from one sleek user interface. ⠀ Color-grade everything from highlights, midtones and shadows with Loupedeck CT’s multifunctional haptic wheel for ultimate control. Unlock full-screen editing mode for precision control over the finest details, providing a truly enhanced editing workflow. ⠀ #colorgrading #adobepremierepro #finalcutpro #videoediting #loupedeckct #loupedeck

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Today we’re featuring Loupedeck Ambassador, Aleksandar Jason’s photos from his latest trip to Tokyo, Japan. His photos give off a cinematic feel, while showcasing Tokyo in a fresh new light. ⠀ “Raw patterns, repetition and colours of our world - Shibuya Crossing was smaller than I expected but larger in many ways, almost the centre of a busy beating heart Japan.” -  @aleksandarjason ⠀ Photos have been editing in @lightroom using Loupedeck+. ⠀ #lightroom #tokyo #minimalism #photoediting #adobe #loupedeck

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Last day of Adobe MAX! ⠀ Stop by booth #1304 to meet the team and to experience Loupedeck CT. Also - don't miss your chance to win your very own Loupedeck CT!

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Loupedeck is heading to LA this weekend for Adobe MAX! ⠀ Adobe MAX couldn’t have come at a more exciting time. Loupedeck JUST launched our most powerful, custom editing console yet, Loupedeck Creative Tool. ⠀ We're inspired by creatives, from photo and video editors, to music makers, designers and everyone in between. We’re here because of you, and our commitment to providing you with the tools you need to edit, grade and compose faster and easier, so you can focus your creative energy on making our world a bolder, louder, more beautiful place to live. ⠀ Join us next week in the vendor area at booth #1304 to meet the creators behind Loupedeck and get an exclusive look into the Loupedeck Creative Tool. We will be hosting live hands-on demo of Loupedeck CT and showcasing how it works with your favorite software such as Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Illustrator! ⠀ We will also be giving away 1 free Loupedeck CT every day, but you’ll have to stop by our booth for more info… 😉 ⠀ For those who didn’t read we’ll be at: Booth #1304 ⠀ #loupedeck #loupedeckCT #loupedeckcreativetool #adobe #adobemax #photoshop #lightroom #illustrator #abletonlive #photoediting #videoediting #musiccomposition #graphicdesign #illustration

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Loupedeck is proud to introduce our most powerful and adaptable console yet, Loupedeck Creative Tool. Meet the custom editing console designed to enhance how you work during every part of the editing process. ⠀ With a seamless editing experience for photo, video, music and design Loupedeck CT erases the barriers between your software and the editing tools you use. Loupedeck CT brings all the tools you use into one powerful, precise and perfectly-designed console. ⠀ Discover Loupedeck CT: loupedeck.com ⠀ #loupedeck#loupedeckct#creativetool #productlaunch

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Whether you’re a pro wedding photographer, event photographer or Instagram blogger having beautiful photos is essential. Loupedeck+ inspires you to get more creative with your work by making the editing process more intuitive so you can edit faster or fine tune you images to perfection. ⠀ "Having all of the necessary tools, literally at your fingertips is super convenient and significantly reduces the amount of time I spent editing every single shot. Plus - I really enjoy this photo editing DJ mood that Loupedeck creates! Now processing photos in Lightroom is a pure pleasure!” - Natali, blogger and photographer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. @blissfulglory ⠀ #loupedeck#photoediting#videoediting#lightroom

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