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One of my dream jobs has always been to combine teaching 🍎 and traveling ✈️! During my sabbatical last year, I would imagine teaching my class of kids remotely via an online platform while I travelled around the world. I don't mean in the capacity of an online English teacher or online tutor, but as an actual classroom teacher. I knew that would never happen, cuz how would that idea even fly?!⁣ ⁣ But fast forward to the present day ... it's like my dream came true! Almost! I'm now teaching my class of kids online 💻 but the one tiny caveat is that all travel is halted globally! Alas, you can't have everything!⁣ ⁣ 📍Staying home in Toronto 🇨🇦⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #teachersofinsta #teachertribe #iteachtoo #thedarlingmovement #selfisolation #housebound #stayhome #stayathome #flattenthecurve #staytheFhome #quarantine2020 #quarantinelife

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Bon dia ☔️! Mientras volvemos, estamos al otro lado para todos vosotros. Nuestro teléfono y correo electrónico están activos para ayudaros en todo aquello que os podamos ser de utilidad❤️ También estamos activando la SHOP on-line pero mientras la terminamos si necesitaís algún producto escribirnos via whattsapp!! www.kilenci.com - #bondia #abril #april #abrilaguasmil #workingathome #home #belleza #bellesa #beautytip #mataro #maresme #barcelona #kilenci

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What's the key to working successfully from home? Set up a truly inspiring oasis and choose natural materials and neutral colors with calming effects to foster concentration. Enhance it all with the latest high-tech objects and office accessories, to create a haven that is but lovely and efficient. Discover the #workingfromhome selection on the M.O.M platform! @mainodesignukraine . . #MAISONETOBJET #homeoffice #office #officeoftheday #confinement #workingathome #work

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La chance n’arrive pas seule, il faut aller la chercher ... 🌿 ⠀ Dis-moi toi qui lis ce post, combien passes-tu de temps sur les réseaux sociaux à scroller ton fil d’actualité ? ⠀ Depuis un mois et demi (really @xstxllxbnd 😱) j’ai décidé de changer et de monétiser mon temps chaque fois que je rentre sur Instagram. ⠀ Maintenant plus que jamais vu la situation actuelle je sais que j’ai pris the best decision ! ⠀ Soit la personne que tu veux être mais agit pour contrôler ton futur ! ⠀ N’hésite plus c’est le moment, écrit moi, en plus avec un petit bonus en ce moment ... 📩 #workingathome #freedom #partagedecompte #flowers #fleurs #strawberry #fraises #journal #work #workinprogress #liberté

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Rainbows and magical mushrooms. Happy weekend! Stay safe and healthy from all of us at the ecojot team. #ecojot #madeincanada #100%recycledpaper #HO #home #homeoffice #workfromhome #workingathome #keepcreating #ecojotcreativechallenge

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I’m going to the office... next to my mom’s kitchen 😜 🤣 Enjoy one more day of quarantine 😊

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Hi guys! I thought I’d introduce myself to all my new followers! The artist behind the art! I was born and raised in the Netherlands, I’m 34 years old, a Sagittarius (to the t), and an HSP (highly sensitive person). I’ve been married for 15 yrs to my first love, he’s American. I lived in the US for 10 years and we now have 5 children together ages 10-3. Yeah it’s a madhouse here 😅. I love nature; plants, flowers, trees... it calms me. I love healthy foods and try to eat as clean as I can. I drink tea all day and I’m unfortunately gluten intolerant and sensitive to chocolate 😭 and alcohol. I’m also a graphic designer, photographer, pianist (Yann Tiersen is my musical hero), and I love to write! My big dream is to become a successful children’s book writer/illustrator. I also love astrology, the occult, and weird ancient ghost stories. Oh and I do believe in aliens! 👽 I’m a loner at heart, I hate smalltalk, phone calls, and I can’t stand unannounced visits. I’m a perfectionist, critical, stubborn, impatient, serious, easily stressed, but I’m also an optimist and I intensely enjoy the little things in life. I love warm summer nights just as much as chilly rainy days curled up on the couch with a good movie. My favorite sound is owls hooting early in the morning. My favorite smell is fresh herbs, and I love anything apple cinnamon. I think that’s me in a nutshell 🤓. I’d love to hear about you too (unless you joined the contest, then I already know 😉). Where are you all from?!

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h o m e o f f i c e. 💻 I Anzeige, Verlinkungen &‘ Markenerkennung. • Good evening in the evening! Aktuell bin ich ziemlich mit meiner Arbeit beschäftigt und komme kaum dazu Stories zu machen. Aber das ändert sich sicherlich auch wieder - hoffe ihr verzeiht mir. 🤍 wünsche euch einen schönen Abend &‘ habt’s fein! • #homeoffice #workingathome #homesweethome #interiordesign #wednesdaybloggerstyle #interiorinspiration #homeinspiration #fashionblogger #inspiration4you #koblenz

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Yellow is definitely my fav colour. Today’s my day off - meaning no online lessons, so I’ve went out with 🦮 for a short walk, did some exercise and will prepare dinner today 😮 and what are your plans? Hope you’re doing well 🧡#yellow #mustard #planthanger #hanger #plants #macrameplanthanger

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