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Bokehlicious Artichokes 😋 . . . . #iphonepix #photographienature #photography #wrestpark #blur #bokeh #artichokeflower #england #visitengland #bokehphotography #artichokeseason #artichoke #artichokes #purpleflowers #purple #stunningshot #artichokehearts #bokehaddicts #bokehbliss #bokehlicious #lovelife #bedfordshire #centralbedfordshire #silsoe #wanderlust #yummy #englishheritage #vegetables

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a sucker for a sunset. a sucker for the gram.

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[gifted pr sample] @thecocktaildeliverycompany sent me over one of their cocktails to try, a rhubarb gimlet.⁣ ⁣ Lockdown cocktails at home have really kept me going through this period of weirdness as they have allowed me to drink at home but to truly enjoy it as I’m not really a big drinker at home generally. ⁣ ⁣ this cocktail was so lovely and unlike anything I have ever had before, it was strong but not too strong and perfectly sweet, tasted reminiscent of holiday! ⁣ ⁣ I’ll definitely be ordering cocktails to have at home going forward as I need to make the most of my bar and also it’s so fun to have high quality cocktails in the comfort of my pyjamas 😂

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How weird does it feel that parts of life are going back to ‘normal’? Or the new normal anyway. I can’t believe we got to spend last Friday with a day out, going to a pub, walking the castle walls, having a meal and generally enjoying ourselves again after so long staring at the same four walls ✌🏼

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Crazy red sunset

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| First trip out of London in 4+ months, and man was it needed. There’s only so long you can look at the same four walls of a tiny flat. Our journey was made safely with face masks, hand sanitiser, and social distance and we travelled off peak to avoid crowds. Guildford was the destination and in the middle of it is a beautiful castle with great views of the city centre. Unfortunately, the castle was closed but tbh, I was just happy for a change of scenery. Travel looks differently these days, but what the last few months have taught me was it’s ok, and sometimes even enjoyable to slow down a bit. What lessons has lockdown taught you? • #guildfordsurrey #guildfordtowncentre #WATG #gltlove

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