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We are not alone for sure! 🦾

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‚The Cloud Gate’ to rzeźba, która jest jednym z najbardziej rozpoznawalnych symboli Chicago. Potocznie nazywana jest ‚Fasolką’. Pierwszy raz byłam w centrum @Chicago ale z tego co wiem, otoczona była tłumem turystów. W związku z pandemią, ogrodzona została barierkami, żeby się przy niej nie gromadzić. #thecloudgate #cloudgate #cloudgatechicago #chicago #illinois #chicagophotographer #urbanphotography #urbanart #urbanarchitecture #usa #unitedstates #ameryka #travelgoals #travelgirl #travelgirlsgo #travelgram #podróże #podrozemaleiduze #podróżniczka #podróżniczka #podroz #podrozniczka #podroznik #podróżekształcą #superga #supergalovers #travelguide #chicagogram

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13th August 2020 📍Wequetonsing,MI🇺🇸 Dear Harbor Springs.... Saying goodbye is really hard. Spending Summer in Michigan was the best idea ever. It was like running away from the reality. I’m blessed that my host family gave me this opportunity. I needed to go somewhere, rest and have a time for myself only. I know, it sounds selfish but I needed to focus on myself. Realize who I am. That’s what happened. I’ve realized, I’m the happiest version of myself. Leaving to U.S. was a sign. Start something new and leave your comfort zone. Some people still blame me that I left, but I’m so glad, I did it. Some people blame me I’ve changed. I’ve grown up. You’re supposed to change. Never look back and do whatever you want. I know, it’s a cliché but it’s true. I’ve already said that I’ll miss this cozy town, fresh cookies, local stores and nice people but what I’ll miss the most is the calmness. For once in my life, I stopped. I’ve spent most of the time with people who I love so much and had an incredible Summer. Since I’m here in USA, I always try new things and I’m not afraid anymore. I was a super careful person who didn’t like to take risks. I’ve tried water skiing which was always a huge “no” for me. And when my host family asked me “wanna try it?” I was like “now or never, let’s do it.”. I’m so proud of myself. Like I swear🤣 I’ve tried new food which I used to not like or never had. Everyday I spent time on a boat, jumping into water, going for endless walks, watching amazing sunsets, reading on a porch etc. I haven’t done many daily vlogs and took many photos but I enjoyed the moments the most. Sometimes it’s better to turn your phone off or just leave it home. I love showing you my life but I can’t be on phone 24/7 and show you everything. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my instastories and posts! Thank you Michigan, for showing me your beauties and qualities. Thank you for being my “home” for almost 2 months and I’m so excited to come again. 🤍 #michigan #usa #aupair #upnorth #upnorthmichigan #vacation #vacay #summer #travel #blogger #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #ootd #inspiration #liveabroad #america #park #nature

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Когда вы любите себя, вы притягиваете лучшее. Вы даете вселенной понять, что вы заслуживаете лучшего через хорошее отношение к себе. Все начинается с ваших чувств касательно себя. Чувствуйте себя достойным. Чувствуйте себя ценным. Чувствуйте себя особенным. Почувствуйте, что достойны получить только самое лучшее. Это случится с вами.

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Done ☀️

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