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High above Lucerne, Switzerland on a starry summer night.

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It’s June! We’ve spent the whole of a scorchio Spring in Puerto Backyard! This is what I wish my backyard looked like. A beautiful beach in the Eastern Algarve. I’ll just carry on dreaming, right? The ten week Puerto Backyard break is coming to an end for one of us. My eldest will return to school tomorrow. A difficult decision to make over the last week. It’s a topic which has divided many and I’ve seen raise a whole lot of ugliness in people. For anyone else in the same boat, just remember only you know what’s right for you and your child. Everyone’s circumstances are different. . . . . . #thecuriouspixiewanders #visitportugal #algarveportugal #portugalovers #algarvelovers #featuremealgarve #prettylittletrips #culturetrip #suitcasetravels #darlingescapes #tlpicks #mytinyatlas #travelwithaninsider #ongooglemaps #athomeintheworld #passionpassport #afarmag #globelletravels #sheisnotlost #iamtraveler #travellingthroughtheworld #seetheworldwithme #travelblogger #girlsdreamtravel #wearetravelmums #letsgosomewhere #girlsthatwander #damestravel #beachlove #theconstantlycurious

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Have a lovely week 😊📸 #london #tlpicks #thislondon #toplondonphoto #londondecanted #londonphoto #mydarlinglondon #visitlondon #londonenthusiast #londonforyou #visitlondonofficial #humlondon #londonguru #bestlondonphotos #mysecretlondon #wonderfulplaces #londoncityworld #londondisclosure #london.the.city #londonvisitof #photography #travel #tourist #londonjournal #sup.london #perfectcountries #best.city.shots #metroLDN #londonbeautifullife

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I have a very important question for you today - which one would you pick - left or right?! 🚪

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I share pictures to paint our planet as a beautiful and surreal place. In my heart, that’s the potential I see. But we, as a country, have been dancing on the edge of the sword for far too long. Tiptoeing around major issues, and turning away from those reaching out for help. I’ve talked to a few people who don’t feel comfortable saying anything during this time. It’s not easy talking openly about racism in our country, because it’s a sad reality that we’re far from where a lot of us think we are. You know why it’s so important to share your voice? Because those who refuse to condemn it believe they hide behind the power of the people. Once that’s torn down, they’re alone. Out in the open and exposed. Let’s collectively call out intolerance and racism, for it has no place in our future.

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Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate, so why do we? I’m not asking this to receive an answer, but more to encourage you to think about it for yourself, to find ways that you can educate yourself. I have a general understanding, but I will also be more intentionally taking on the task of educating myself. The current pandemic has done something that has a certain ugly beauty to it. It’s brought an unavoidable attention to the disparity and depravity that our society and culture is built upon. Yes, it’s uncomfortable to realize. Yes, you should be feeling a range of emotions, from sadness to anger. I want to encourage you to embrace all of that, as from within discomfort comes growth. Use your voice, yes. Speak up where it’s appropriate to do so, speak up against those who would use their privilege to harm others, and listen to those who’ve been unheard for years and years. But more importantly, I want you to ask yourself, how will I act? Will you take the time to educate yourself? Will you hold the space for the unheard voices to be heard? Will you donate your time and money? Will you educate your children so that future generations don’t slip up? Will you lift up those who have been denied access, been discriminated against and hurt, until the scales begin to tip towards equality. Will you continue to hold this space until we reach that point? It’s one thing to say you will do something and another to actually do it. Again, I’m not looking for answers here, but I want everyone to be asking themselves... how will I act? How will I help to create change and the hold space, and maintain this current level of awareness until change has actually occurred?

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a belated #asundaycarpic dedicated to my dad who’s about to become the same vintage as this car! he’s going to wake up and be a typical grumpy old man because i’ve given away his real age but i’m sure he’ll forget about it soon after anyway 👨🏼‍🦳🎉 #oncewaslostinlondon

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