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I hope everyone is keeping well in these grim times. Take care and keep safe ❤️ . I’m sure many of you will recognise this detail from John William Waterhouse’s 1888 masterpiece ‘The Lady of Shalott’. This painting is a representation of the ending of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's 1832 poem of the same name. According to Tennyson's version of the legend, the Lady of Shalott was forbidden to look directly at reality or the outside world; instead she was doomed to view the world through a mirror, and weave what she saw into tapestry. Her despair was heightened when she saw loving couples entwined in the far distance and she spent her days and nights aching for a return to normal. One day the Lady's mirror revealed Sir Lancelot passing by on his horse. When she impetuously took three paces across the room and looked at him, the mirror cracked and she realised that the curse had befallen her. The lady escaped by boat during an autumn storm, inscribing 'The Lady of Shalott' on the prow. As she sailed towards Camelot and certain death, she sang a lament. Her frozen body was found shortly afterwards by the knights and ladies of Camelot, one of whom is Lancelot, who prayed to God to have mercy on her soul. . . . . . . . . #johnwilliamwaterhouse #ladyofshalott #waterhouse #tennyson #arthistory #historyofart #redhair #redhead #historiadelarte #longhair #preraphaelite #artwork #preraphaelites #preraffaeliti #rossetti #dantegabrielrossetti #muse #model #beauty

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from in memoriam. #foundpoetry#foundpoem#tennyson#poetry

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“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” The Patrick O’Donnell House in Charleston, South Carolina was built by Patrick O’Donnell, an Irish contractor, for his love and fiancé. It took him twelve years (started in 1852) to complete the Italianate mansion as he wanted every detail to be perfect for his bride. The home at 21 King Street is still the tallest and most grand on the street. Sadly for O’Donnell, their love was not meant to be and she married another. The home is often referred to as O’Donnell’s Folly. . The Patrick O’Donnell House is the largest example of Italianate architecture in Charleston with elaborate ornamentation inside and out. It sold in 2007 for $7.2 million and at the time was the highest ever paid in Charleston for a house. . From 1907-1937 it was the home of novelist and poet Josephine Pinckney. During the time she lived there she was an active participant in the Charleston Renaissance. She co-founded the Poetry Society of South Carolina and was an active member of the Society of the Preservation of Spirituals, which transcribed and annotated African American songs. Both organizations met for the first time at 21 King Street. #southernreverie #tennyson

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"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” || Project 52 Week 32: Tennyson. This excerpt is from his extraordinary poem “Ulysses,” which can be read in many ways. Thematically it's about the aging King Odysseus having a late-life crisis and embarking on one last adventure, which will incidentally lead to his death (and, if we read the poem as a prequel to Dante's Inferno, will also lead to his damnation). As poet laureate of Great Britain, it can be read as an ode to an aging empire. But Tennyson conveyed that the real impetus for the poem was the sudden and untimely death of his friend Arthur Hallam. And therefore the poem reads most powerfully as a response to mortality. How do we confront that ultimate tragedy? Tennyson says with character, companionship and courage. It's no wonder he drew inspiration from Greek myth. In a way, the poetic urge, the act of creation, the verse it generates, and the joy it brings the reader is itself a palliative. In the illustration, a lighthouse rises above a raging sea, its light forming the hub of a ship wheel. || On the personal front, we hung this print in our 11yo son’s room after he responded to the initial sketch. Perhaps he’ll take interest in exploring more of his work (a parent can dream, right?).

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'The shell must break before the bird can fly' Tennyson If you fancy trying something a bit different this month and are inspired by the beautiful Autumn days to put pen to paper then head over to @nanhes.jungle who is running a creative writing challenge with a chance to win a @forgetmenotoriginals notebook each week throughout October. All details about how to enter are on the latest post of her beautiful gallery! 🍁 Have a great day X

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I just can’t resist these gorgeous little rose books with selections from the great poets! They must have been prime gift-giving staples in the early 1900’s because mine all have the most beautiful inscriptions. This one in particular was kept in immaculate condition, as these tend to be very fragile and sometimes falling apart. It came in it’s original gift box and the inscription was written on a separate little card still inside the book. It looks like it was given to a boy off fighting in World War 1 from his sisters. I’ll include a photo in my stories and please let me know if you have any insight into the abbreviation at the bottom of the inscription. I will be sure and do the previous owners justice by taking very good care of this!

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This has pretty much been my gardening outfit lately. I love this pinafore from @gatheringofgoods, I've been putting it over different dresses and skirts as I go out to work, and it holds up so well! Plus, it has a large enough pocket to fit an entire volume of Tennyson poetry ☺. A must for me. I wouldn't know what to do without exceptionally oversized pockets. ❤🌲🍄🦉

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New arrivals, including A. Edward Newton’s copy of Sibylline Leaves in original boards: including Coleridge’s ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.’ #rarebooks #firsteditions #literature #poetry #coleridge #harrietbeecherstowe #jonathanswift #gulliverstravels #byron #tennyson #comingsoon

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1018 days. . “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” -Alfred Lord Tennyson . We are attached, the tears are real & burn as they flow down our faces, and this is the day I have prayed hard wouldn’t actually happen. We pray it isn’t a complete goodbye and only a see you later, but we fear it’s goodbye. His clothes, trucks, books, favorite blanket, Sully pillow , Christmas presents & catboy costume all went too. We trust God goes with him. Forever he’ll have a place in our hearts & we are changed because of our time with him. I have tried to memorize: his laugh, his smile, the way he snuggles into my lap, his request for the same books over and over, his smirk, and the look he gives when he looks at his siblings & the way they play. I have thousands of pictures, videos, stories, and memories to mark our time and he will be a part of our story. A piece of our heart has left us. Thank you to all who have loved him deeply and supported us - we couldn’t do this hard and holy work without our village who accompanies us. . “You’ll be in my heart, from this day on now and forever more. No matter what they say, you’ll be in my heart.... always” - Phil Collins . The Lord bless him & keep him. The Lord’s face shine upon him with grace and mercy. The Lord look upon him with favor and give him peace. . #2019marshallpalooza #thisisfostercare #fosterlove #fostercare #goodbyesucks #grief #fostering #jeremiah2911 #icwa #getattached #gettooattached #thissucks #keepsayingyes #threeyears #fostermom #fosterfamily #fosterparenting #fostercareishard #fostercareisworthit #holyground #tennyson #tarzan #fostercaregoodbyes #ihategoodbyes #iwishhecouldstay

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🔥🏡 whew. Annnnnnd THAT’S a wrap! 40 people came through my open house today and an offer is in! That’s 3 days on market! Can I tell you just how awesome it is when people seek out your projects?! Thank you Berkeley Neighborhood for all the love and support! I can’t WAIT for the next one #success 👊🏻🙌🏻 @tuckstevie @k2ydesign . . #Openhouse #saturday #berkeley #denver #denverrealestate #realtorlife #tealtor #luxury #luxuryrealestate #milliondollarlisting #feelingthelove #northdenver #savvyrealty #elisekeepingitrealtor #hustle #forsale #newconstruction #newbuild #community #tennyson

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Rare moment of no randoms in the background of my photo at the beach yesterday🙌🏻 I find it interesting that in this time of social distancing & self isolation, there are way more people out & about on walks with their dogs than normal🤔 #dogmom #CookieandCara #dogsofadelaide #adelaide #tennyson #southaustralianbeaches #seesouthaustralia #beach #reflection #skyporn #cloudporn #nature #naturelovers #naturephotography #landscapelovers #landscapephotography #labrador #labradorsofinstagram #labsofinstagram #blacklab #blacklabrador #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogphotography #petsofinstagram #petphotography #animallovers #animalphotography

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