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A favourite in store and on our instagram feed, the beautiful Monahan posters are now available online!

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So things are pretty strange at the moment, I think you’d all agree. While there are restrictions on pretty much all outdoor activities I have been finding other ways to pass my time. I’ve had 4 days off and I have actually enjoyed spending time around the house and doing things I normally wouldn’t “have the time for”. I’ve walked my dog, I’ve started running again, I’ve been enjoying home workouts thanks to @f45trainingkingsmeadows. I’ve been baking, I’ve been painting parts of the house, I’ve been reading and enjoying extra time with George & Ernie. So while a lot of our normal day to day activities and hobbies have been put on hold, I encourage you to make the most of the things we can do and find enjoyment in these. And I’m also slowly learning it’s okay to have a lazy day and it’s okay to not be filling my day with a million things. Stay positive and enjoy what we can at home💚

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My favourite sort of evening. Cooking over the crackling fire, nice beer in hand, nothing else but the sound of the Aussie wildlife and topping the night off watching stars. Couldn’t have asked to experience tassie a better way, a big thanks to @missarahglover || @sonyalpha.anz #a7riii + FE 24mm f/1.4 GM

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Hey guys! I thought I would throw in a few black and whites every now and than. I love the tones and feel these photos bring , what are your thoughts? :) ⬛️⬜️

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