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We Humans PROTECT🛡⚔️ what we LOVE❤️! This is why we need to bring Animals into People‘s hearts❤️ • Help me to make People fall in love with this Animal and Share this Video! 🙏🏼😌 • Tag somebody who loves animals & let me know your thoughts on this Video🎥 in the comments below👇🏼

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Female Hyenas also have a Penis🍆(Pseudo-Penis)!😲 It‘s actually an elongated clitoris but they also give birth through it 🥵! It also gets longer than the average human Penis 😅🤷🏼‍♂️ Comment YOUR thoughts below!👇🏼🤔 • Share this video if you didn‘t know this & educate the world🌍 with me🙏🏼❤️ • Tag somebody who gets excited like chuckie when they see you 😂😝👇🏼

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The HAPPINESS is Mutual 😌❤️ What do you think?🤔 (Comment below & Tag 2 Friends who you miss the most😌)

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Sometimes LOVE❤️ is all one needs😌🤷🏼‍♂️ • Describe Hyenas🐺 in a few Words in the comments below👇🏼 • Tag someone who needs to see👀 this!😲

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Tag somebody who‘s always excited to 👀see YOU 😝🤘🏼 • This was after being away for 2 Weeks😊 Let‘s see her🐺 excitement when i get back next Weekend after almost 4 Weeks 😃🥰🤪

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What is YOUR Opinion about Hyenas?🤔 Let me know in the Comments below👇🏼 • Tag somebody you wanna show that Hyenas are not as evil😈 as people think!

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What else do YOU GUYS know about them?🤓 (Comment below👇🏼 & Tag 2 people who would love to see this video) • Share This Video to spread some KNOWLEDGE with me 🙏🏼🌍

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What would YOU do when Bae smells some weird scents on you?😅 (Comment some Tips below👇🏼😜) • Tag a someone who smells on his/her Bae like this! 🤨SECURITY CHECK🧐

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Photo by @mattiasklumofficial | Strong bonds! They are called vicious, false, and nasty, but all these are mostly human traits. Spotted hyenas are formidable, strong hunters, and efficient scavengers, and there are of course many sides to this incredible predator. I took this photograph of this cub greeting its mother in Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Even though hyenas look a lot like dogs, in fact they are more closely related to cats. Young hyenas are called cubs, and female hyenas are wonderful moms. They take excellent care of their babies, and most hyenas provide their cubs with milk for over one year. This is probably a necessity, as many kills are made far from the den, and hyenas do not bring back food and regurgitate it for their young. At about one year, cubs begin to follow their mothers on their hunting and scavenging forays. Until then, they are left behind at the den with a babysitting adult. Please go to @mattiasklumofficial to see images and films from our projects around the world! #spottedhyena #apexspecies #cub #mombo #carnivore @thephotosociety

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