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Calling all my SHOE LOVERS 😍Anyone who knows me knows I have a love affair with shoes... and it all started at #KiddieKobbler where my mom bought me my first pair 👠 Supporting local businesses is important —now more than ever and @kiddiekobblerrichmondhill @kiddiekobblernewmarket @kiddiekobblermarkville are not only offering special discounts, but a special contest for frontline workers! SWIPE and click to find out the details on how to win 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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So I was at trinity bellwoods this weekend... Lol jk, imagine?! 😹😹 But I WAS working, and drove by Vaughan City Hall and the empty parking lot was glorious! (I’m also a huge fan of no traffic) Back to RE: Things are picking up, more showings, more offers coming in for homes under 1.5. I got a glimpse of what the spring market should be! 😍 Everyone seems to want to get back into the swing of things. It’s not “normal” but we’re not in a recession, yet! My advice is still the same: 1️⃣Don’t move if you don’t have to. 2️⃣If you WANT to move, sell your current place first. But if you’re selling anything over 1M- be prepared to wait. (Smaller properties are still selling, it just takes a little longer!) 3️⃣If you want to buy, and have nothing to sell, START LOOKING NOW. It’s a good time to search hard and find a deal. In Markham, Vaughan, new market, Aurora, R.Hill, and stouffville - we have only sold about 335 less detached homes from Feb to Today in 2020 vs 2019. In 2019 we sold 2,121 houses since February. This year we sold 1,786 since Feb. All things considered- that’s not too shabby!! No to mention, condos, semis, and towns move more frequently than detached properties. So it’s not an economic recession! Just a pandemic putting things on pause. Let’s just hope that a recession doesn’t follow, once people are officially back to work full time! By the end of the year, I think things will look even better! I love your DMs - ask questions anytime! 💜🏡 #teambuilding #teameffort #teamwork #allinrealestateteam #covid19update #royallepage #stayhome #workingfromhome #essentialbusiness #imisseveryone #newsyoucanuse #royallepage #royallepageyourcommunityrealty #coronavirusnews #vaughan #richmondhill #torontorealestate #markhamontario #auroraontario #torontorealtor #vaughanmoms #wereallinthistogether #update #torontohousing #womeninbusiness #communityovercompetition

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🤯If buying a house is on your mind - here’s what you need to know: 1. ⬇️Sales are down between 60-70% in Toronto, because the amount of listings has decreased (people don’t want others in their home) and buyers simply don’t want to go out. 2. ⚖️ no doubt, prices have been affected, but not significantly in the city (about 2-3% decrease) 🧐🧐 - however, they have seen a bit of a bigger hit in the GTA because there is more inventory than buyers, therefore we’re seeing a temporary “buyers’ market”.⚖️ It’s more balanced in the city - it actually is still leaning in favour of a sellers market but not significantly. ⚖️ 3. If you buy a house today - get a quick closing. “APPRAISALS” (what the bank thinks your purchase is worth, ie/ what they’ll loan you) are not coming in “lower” than usual, but that’s not to say an appraisal wont come in lower in 4-8 months - work with the information you have TODAY!🎯 4. Sell first, while we are still leaning towards the favour of SELLERS “Statistically” listings are sitting longer than usual - so you cannot count on getting the price you expect for your current place. (Some buildings aren’t even allowing showings! Even tho RE is considered an essential service) ORRRRRR… include a contingency clause - “I will firm up on this house automatically, once the sale of my current property is sold firm” - this isn’t “attractive to sellers” but these days - we gotta get creative. 5. Downpayments of 5-20% down won’t make a difference - it is still a personal financial choice if you want and “insured” mortgage or not - banks/lenders don’t really care. (*less than 20% means you have to insure your mortgage with CMHC) 6. If you want to move - don’t wait. The right strategy will place you in a position to sell high and find a deal that you might not find down the road. 7. 🥳🥳Is the RE market going down the toilet? Surprisingly - no, it’s actually trending in a positive direction week over week. 😎👍🥳🥳 💜💜💜 (Continue Reading in Comments For My Predictions!) 💜💜💜

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Fresh-out-the-oven buns for our breakfast sandwiches ♨️♨️ #freshlybaked #breakfast #alwaysfresh #housemade #onlythebest #artisan #cafe #greekmarketcafe #gmc #oakridges #richmondhill

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When my favourite furball interrupts a photoshoot...We let him! I’ve been posting this guy A LOT in my story... to the point where people probably think I’m a crazy cat lady. I am, but that’s besides the point! This guy makes being stuck at home so much less painful! Cheers to all the little animals that are keeping us company during these days. May your anxiety not skyrocket once we return to normal life and you’re alone all day! Home is where your pets are! We love you! #petsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #catwoman #trinitybellwoods #allinrealestateteam #homegoals #royallepage #community #royallepageyourcommunityrealty #team #vaughan #richmondhill #torontorealestate #markhamontario #auroraontario #home #northyork #torontorealtor #vaughanmoms #communityovercompetition #homeiswhereyourpetsare #iloveanimals

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Todos estamos soñando con nuestros viajes del futuro, no? Cuando sea que podamos hacerlos, si es que podemos hacerlos, no dudo que Londres estará primero en la lista de varios!⁣ ⁣ Si ya visitaste alguna vez esta increíble ciudad, y querés descubrir nuevos lugares con una onda más local, tengo LA recomendación para vos. ⁣ ⁣ A sólo 25 minutos en tren de la estación Waterloo, Richmond es un lindísimo barrio residencial en el sur-oeste de Londres. No sólo tiene estas vistas increíbles del Thames y una movidísima calle principal, sino que también es el lugar en donde se encuentra el Parque Real más grande de Londres. ⁣ ⁣ Un barrio ideal para recorrer caminando, o en bici. En el que hay muchísimo para descubrir que no dudo que te va a enamorar. ⁣ ⁣ Y cuando finalmente termine esta época extraña de nuestras vidas y podamos volver a viajar, yo voy a retomar mis “tours” por Richmond. Uno de mis lugares preferidos, de los que visito una y otra vez. Es por eso que tengo armada una lindísima ruta, con los mejores rincones secretos y lo mejor es que podés venir a descubrirlos conmigo! 😉⁣ ⁣ En las historias de hoy, un paseo en bici por Richmond! ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #Richmond #RichmondUponThames #Richmonder #RichmondHill #MyLondon #PrettyCityLondon #ItsSoLondon #LondonCalling #LondonLife #London4All #LoveLondon #London #LondonWalks #ThisIsLondon #TimeOutLondon #PrettyLittleLondon #LondonCityWorld #LondonTourism #VisitLondon #MySecretLondon #SecretLondon #LondonByLondoners #EnglandIsBeautiful #Londres #ArgentinosEnLondres

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Chicken steak and eggs on instant noodles at Cha Kee Restaurant (Richmond Hill) 📷 @eatwithandie

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If you have older parents that own homes- READ THIS! 😔 This scam has been happening forever and unfortunately it’s our elderly population that gets caught and their houses get “stolen”* from them. 🤦‍♀️ *i say stolen because I mean the elderly get scammed into selling for too little- or even selling their homes when they aren't ready. Here’s how I first heard the scam. My client in his 50s called me: ☎️ “hey Desiree, my mom had a knock on her door today and it was an agent who has a buyer to buy her house for (10% higher than average market value). Doesn’t that sound too amazing? She and my dad have been cleaning all day trying to get it ready for tonight when the buyer and the offer come... what do you think?” His voice was trembling- his parents have no where to go and have lived there for 35 years. I replied: “I am happy for you, I do not want to overstep at all, but PLEASE make sure I review the order before anything gets signed by your parents!” I warned him to not be disappointed if the buyer disappears and the agent says, “we have other buyers so just sign this short contract so we can ‘bring the buyers here’...”🤑 THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. “Oh sorry mrs. X...our client went with another property, but we have a few other who are interested as well!”🍀🍀 And if my client hadn’t called me for an opinion, his parents would have signed that contract to “show the house to other buyers” 🤑 It’s a “listing contract”! They are just listing your home like any other agent!!! 😡 💔💔My heart was broken when I thought of that little lady tidying up her house all day for buyers who never existed, and was almost forced to list her home to an agent who is really just a scammer. This happens all the time. If anything like this ever happens - ie/someone wants to buy your home without even seeing it please let me know or let me review 🔍the contract before anything gets signed!📝 My lips are sealed and I don’t want a dime. The older generation are used to selling this way so they’re usually unaware of what’s happening! We have to protect them and their homes! We grew up in those homes- they belong to us too! 🏡💜

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