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Visit the Microsoft booth at #NeurIPS2019 and string together your thoughts on #ML! We'll have different demos at the booth all week and experts are available to chat. #AI #NeuralNetworks #NeurIPS2019 #Research #Microsoft #Algorithms #ComputerVision #Search #CompSci #Programming #Engineering #NeuralArchitectureSearch #NeurIPS #AlchemyFriends #MicrosoftLife

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In episode 2 of our #OpenOfficeTruth podcast series, hear how a new study found that furniture like Brody can transform existing floorplans from places of distraction to comfortable havens for employees to collaborate and focus in harmony. Link ➡️bio to listen.⁠ ⁠ #openoffice #openplan #podcast #whatworkerswant #listen #officedesign #workplacedesign #modernoffice #research #design #steelcase

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I’ve been working on some dark matter calculations for a while, and I was running into some problems with how the annihilation rates of dark matter depended on the mass of the dark matter. I was finally able to resolve it after some careful checking of my derivations of the interactions and Feynman rules! I’m super excited that I figured it out. Now I need to compare to experimental constraints and do the calculations for different cases! . . . What do you think dark matter is? . . . #physics #math #phd #gradschool #astronomy #quantum #school #university #theory #research #theoreticalphysics #mathematics #quantummechanics #quantumphysics #feynman #astrophysics #cosmology

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Earlier this year I designed and taught a five day genetics workshop as part of a @undp conservation program for researchers in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Because I and my colleagues don’t speak Russian, we had a live translator for the duration of the workshop! It was so cool, and what’s better: the lab genetically identified a few snow leopard scat samples collected from recent Uzbek field efforts! . Because I have been in five countries since the end of May, I’ve been unable to really spend time sharing my experiences online, but I’m working on it! I am so honored to have had this opportunity. Not only was it my first time teaching lab techniques for more than two hours at a time, it was my first time doing it with a language barrier, and in another country! Our team worked together to share expertise for snow leopard conservation. Uzbekistan sits at the nexus of other snow leopard range countries, and our groups are collaborating to establish a genetics research hub in Central Asia for snow leopard and other carnivore research! Uzbekistan is home to snow leopards, kind people, beautiful scenery, and wonderful food! As our team begins to discuss 2020 plans, I’m already itching to go back!

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😕Woke up to this ‘news’ today - based on an article published in a BMJ journal about food labels comparing kcals in food to kcals used for various activities. Ie, 1 choc bar = 1 hour of whatever.⠀ .⠀ ❓What is it?⠀ The idea is that people can be nudged into different food choices when faced with the amount of energy that they’d have to expend to ‘burn off food.’ It’s called ‘PACE’ labelling, and it’s not a new idea. This new study is a meta-analysis - the researchers have conducted a systematic review to search for all suitable trials and analysed the overall data.⠀ .⠀ 🔎Results⠀ Essentially they found that in the 15 trials selected, there was limited evidence to suggest that where presented with PACE labelling versus an alternative or none at all, participants selected less kcals (~65kcals less). The authors worked out that this x 3 (average number of meals eaten/day) would equate to ~195kcals less per day.⠀ .⠀ 🤔That’s an interesting calculation - especially considering that not all foods will be labelled and would usually be different - ie breakfast versus dinner, eating out vs at home etc - and the studies they analysed were not able to account for this.⠀ .⠀ The research is interesting in terms of consumer behaviour, and PACE labelling may well have an effect on how people choose their foods. As such, some people may find it helpful ...but many won't.⠀ .⠀ For many it brings shame-inducing thoughts about food choices and over-exercising - which likely won’t help them to improve their health and could even limit dietary variety.⠀ .⠀ 💁Other issues: we all require different amounts of kcals to support our bodies to function - which obvs impacts on the amount of kcals used in activities. Put simply - a rugby player will require a very different kcal amount than someone of their height and weight with a more sedentary lifestyle, someone recovering from illness will again have vastly different requirements. It’s just not that easy to quantify it.⠀ .⠀ 🍽️Most importantly, food is WAY more than kcals - it’s about nutrients and variety too but also flavours, smells, memories - experiences. Distilling it into hours playing footie or whatever might not be super-helpful

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Fun Fact: As much as I love my current devices I will forever rank the DEKA/Luke Hand as the absolute favorite prosthetic hand I’ve ever used. And I didn’t even have that much time with it since it was only for a research study.😢Looking back at things I sometimes feel as if I only became cool after my amputation💁🏻‍♀️ And even so, I’m still not that cool—I’ve simply lucky. Lucky enough to come across incredibly opportunities that lend to better jokes & nifty experiences. I never could have imagined what my life was going to be like without two hands, nor would I ever have been prepared for life with an artificial/bionic hand. I’m so thankful to the individuals I’ve met through the last few years & owe so much to research projects I’ve been apart of and to individuals in the field of prosthetics/bioengineering who have been open about what’s in the works. Being able to see first hand what devices can do, and the fact that there are multiple options out there has been instrumental in my journey to adapting to life both with & without a prosthetic device. #Throwback #archery #florida #amputee #amplife #prostheticarm #prosthetichand #upperlimb #prosthesis #bionic #amputeelife #research #prosthetics

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80° Congresso Nazionale SIC. Presentazione poster e esposizione orale con premiazione Best Poster Award. ✨ • • • • • • • • #congress #sic2019 #medicine #cardiology #atrialfibrillation #bestpost #award #research #happiness #medlife #december #memorable #presentation

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