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Look at these stairs! What an incredible design.

4 months ago 110
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This is just gorgeous! Wow!

4 months ago 77
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What fundamentals do you look for? 🏡 Before investing in anything, but especially property, you need to look at the fundamentals! For property, this resolves around seeing what is in the local area. Essentially, put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and think why they would want to buy/live here! 🤔 The more fundamentals you got going for you, the more likely you will have capital appreciation and get less void periods! Let’s discuss this in the comments below! 💬 Feel free to DM any questions! 📬 Follow @makingmoneysimple for more! 💰 Follow @makingmoneysimple for more! 💰

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So much natural light!! Beautiful design.

4 months ago 18
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In February 2020 - now a villa every day!⁠ The 2020 season has started! Feel comfortable and enjoy your lifetime! @dreamestatesworldwide⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Niu de Voltor: ⁠ The Niu de Voltor is a breathtaking property in a beautiful location amidst 14,000 m² of well-tended gardens at an altitude of 130 m and with unrestricted sea and mountain views.⁠ It can accommodate up to 18 guests in nine bedrooms with bathrooms and a living area of 3,500 m² as well as extensive outdoor terraces and verandas and is ideal for large social gatherings and celebrations.⁠ Lush vegetation dominates the outdoor area, which is divided into a series of terraces and paths flanked by palm trees. Well-maintained gardens lead to the outdoor pool and sun terrace with loungers and a tennis court for the more active.⁠

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Quote of the day!

5 months ago 7
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When you stop trying to keep up or impress others you will begin focusing on what matters - investing in relationships, experiences, your personal growth, your health, and your long term financial security. . The best investments are the ones other people never see. . . . . . . . . #dailyquotes #inspirational #realestatespeaker #RealEstateAdvisor #HomeBuying #PropertyAdvisor #PropertyConsultant #BuyandSellHomes #ISellHomes #RealtorAgent #realtors #realtorlifestyle #realtortips #luxuryrealtor #realtorslife #realtormarketing #realtorforlife #propertyfinder #propertystyling #propertymanagement #propertyforsale #propertydevelopment #propertystaging #propertyinvestment #propertysales #propertyoftheday #yourrealtor #realtorsofinstagram

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One of the best before and afters we’ve seen... a new start for a tired property🛠🏠⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 👉 Follow @jefferspropertynetwork⁣⁣⁣ 👉 Follow @jefferspropertynetwork⁣⁣⁣ 📷 @transformarchitects

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@mrshinchhome putting the last piece of the puzzle in today during her garage flooring install. We think she should join our install team 👀🤔😂 Our pvc garage floor tiles are quick and easy to fit and transform a cold and dusty garage into a warm and low maintenance area 🙌🏻🧩 • • #mrshinch #hinched #garage #cleaning #cleaningproducts #garagefloor #garageflooring #garagestyle #garagestorage #customfloor

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