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Buick 1966 Riviera Hardtop .. The Buick Riviera as a stand-alone model appeared in 1963. The car was belated response to the Ford Thunderbird, which had taken standard Ford mechanical hardware and had clothed the model in unique sheet metal. The concept was to become known as the 'Personal Luxury Car'. .. The Riviera name itself had been introduced to Buick in 1949 as a special pillarless hardtop coupe. The name 'Riviera' would then be used over the following decade or so to describe a hardtop body-style, whether a four-door or two-door on any of the Buick standard model lines. .. For 1963 the Riviera became a stand alone model, and had a unique body within General Motors broad range of automotive divisions. Buick, a tier below Cadillac, had nonetheless been a purveyor of large luxury cars, while the Riviera was a smaller and nimbler model. In 1966 the Riviera was joined as a triumvirate of three cars on the GM 'E' platform. The other cars being the front-wheel-drive Oldsmobile Toronado, and a year later the Cadillac Eldorado. All three cars were designed in the 'Personal Luxury Car' idiom. Though sharing bodies, only the Riviera was configured as a rear-wheel-drive, though all three had their V8 engines mounted longitudinally on a separate frame chassis. .. This 1966 Buick Riviera Hardtop has been modelled in Lego miniland scale for Flickr LUGNuts' 78th build challenge, - 'Places, Everyone' - featuring vehicles named after places. In this case 'Riviera' being a name commonly associated with the Mediterranean lowlands of France and Italy, though as a proper noun it refers directly to the coast of Liguria, in the form Riviera Ligure, then shortened to 'Riviera'. .. #buick #Riviera #buickriviera #1966 #couoe #hardtop #1966 #classic #v8 #personalluxurycar #usa #american #lego #legocar #lego911 #moc #model #miniland #auto #car #afol #instalego #povray #render #gm #generalmotors #billmitchell

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