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On my way to Berlin and can’t wait to jump into fashion week and too see all my favorite Berlin fashion people ✨❤️ PS: there are only a few ELLA dresses left in our shop www.larakrude.com 🤫 #mbfwberlin #berlinfashionweek #ss20 #kadeweberlin #presentation #summerdress #paristhrowback #paris #palaisroyal

8 months ago 12
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#paristhrowback ☕️ #happygirl ☀️

7 months ago 7
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There’s no place like home... and Paris ☺️ 🇫🇷I’m almost out of old Paris pics to post which means I need to go back! #tbt #paristbt #paristhrowback #myparis #myparisstyle #parisinfall #jesssilhouette

1 years ago 11
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“There’s adventure between the raindrops” 💦 Aangezien het de komende dagen alleen maar gaat regenen, leek een throwback naar Parijs vorig jaar in mijn regenjas me wel gepast 💁🏼‍♀️ Maar zelfs met de regen, zou ik die trip zo over doen! 😍 #throwbacktuesday #tbt #paristhrowback #regenjas #raincoat #paris #lamaisonrose #doemijmaarzon #hounietzovanregen #lifeofjoycenl

5 months ago 6
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Dear Paris, Take care of her because she is the most wonderful thing that I have. Take care of her because she is the star of my life. #17H 🍀 #Paris #half #mywife #mylife #memory #paristhrowback

5 months ago 177
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Not sure why it looks so pretty, since it’s just loads of metal. But hey Paris, missing you and all the touristy vibes. ✨⁣ ⁣ Still can’t believe I had the opportunity to travel here January 2017 with my cousins, sister, and friend for a girls getaway . @senioritasaeed @mrs.asaid @queenbinti @jaaaaysharif . But woaaah why does that sound so long ago?! Literally felt like yesterday. ⁣ Anyways, Paris was a beautiful romantic city! Lots of great food and cafe’s but it was not exactly how I pictured it to be. Beautiful architecture, lots of restaurants, crowds of people on the street, but also dirt, and armed military guard everywhere— lowkey scared me! Not that I wouldn’t go back, definitely still planning a trip as I felt there’s still more to see. ⁣ ⁣ Have you been to Paris? Was it exactly how you imagined? Share your thoughts, below. ♥️

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Spot the Angel 👼🏼😂 #ParisThrowback

3 years ago 450
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sitting at work dreaming of running through Monet’s gardens again

5 months ago 5
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it’s amazing what can change in 4 years ((swipe for my first day of classes; September 8, 2015))

6 months ago 6