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💦Зволожуюча пробіотична сироватка ⠀ 💦Засіб має подвійну дію: ідеально зволожує і тонізує шкіру обличчя ⠀ 💦Активні речовини, що виділяються пробіотиками: 💧 пом'якшують, 💧зволожують 💧заспокоюють шкіру. ⠀ 💦 Сироватка має освіжаючу і протизапальну дію: 💧підтягує шкіру, 💧скорочує зморшки і мімічні складки, 💧вирівнює тон обличчя, 💧 бореться з віковими змінами. ⠀ 💦З кожним днем фермент бактерій-пробіотиків: 💧 позбавляє шкіру від відмерлих клітин, 💧покращує кровообіг і насичує киснем, 💧робить тон обличчя світлішим і рівномірним, 💧а шкіру гладкою, м'якою та доглянутою. ⠀ 👍Підходить для всіх типів шкіри. ⠀ 💰Ціна 217грн 📌Безкоштовна доставка: 🏘#Любомль 🏘#Ковель 🏘#Луцьк ⠀ #jerelialiuboml #jereliakovel #джереліяковель #джереліялюбомль #джереліялуцьк #джерелія #Jerelia #oselya #ковельджерелія #любомльджерелія #луцькджерелія #волосся #маскадляволосся #спрейдляволос #натуральнаякосметикаукраина #омега #omega #джерелія #jereliaua #probiocare #українськакосметика

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#SpeedyTuesday “I can’t believe Omega still uses a plastic crystal!” Some people don’t have a clue...👌

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@omega when you will make a re edition of this Seamaster 300?😍 no filters. Omega 165.024 delivered to USA in 1967. #omega #seamaster300 #seamaster #165024 #omegaseamaster #omegaseamaster300 #vintageomega #vintage #vintagewatch #nofilters

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2020...day unknown....month unknown....I continue to drive forward in the current lockdown of the watch world...😝 just kidding, what’s everyone doing to pass the time while current affairs continue to move on?

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I waited four years for this game and it did not disappoint. While it seems everyone wants to talk about Animal Crossing, I will be talking about Doom Eternal. Spoilers: Two years after Doom 2017, Hell has invaded Earth where it is up to the Doom Slayer to stop them. So the game jumps right into the action and I mean literally as there is no bridge between the two games. Where did Hayden send Slayer at the end? Where did the Slayer get the Fortress of Doom? How is VEGA still alive? Where did all these characters come from? While 2016 only had four characters, this game has a few including an angelic being named Khan Maykr, Hell Priests and a Betrayer. While it was confusing at first, it quickly gets put together. Yes Doom always focuses more on gameplay than story but they can still make a kick ass story. We actually get an origin for the Slayer which actually ties in with Doom 64. We even hear him talk! I was blown away! We have some small cutscenes which shows the Slayer's new kick ass armor. The boss battles were good like the Gladiator, Khan Maykr but they make other bosses like the Marauder and Doom Hunter a common threat later on which is really annoying. But the best boss battle is the final boss: Icon of Sin. In the original Doom 2, we fight his head. Now, we fight his whole damn body. There are a lot of cool moments like using the massive BFG 10,000 to blow a hole in Mars! The graphics are amazing from the cutscenes, the scenery and monster designs. The soundtrack is just as great. So I love the origins, the boss battles and small cutscenes despite that confusing start in the beginning. Also, I kept seeing giant robots so I was hoping we would control one eventually. While the BFG 10,000 brought a tear down my face, we didn't actually get to use it. Cutscene only so cocktease there. While I'm only talking about the story, the gameplay is also awesome. The enemies and weapons awesome. It is the most challenging game I played in a while. This is an awesome game with a good story.

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💎 Para quem gosta é pura paixão 💎 . #omega #diamond #pt20 #fixa #gm #alemao #opala #vw #quadrado #suspensao #carrosclassicos #carrosantigos #encontro

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