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Day 31 | piece of advice Have fun with these little squares. Share what makes you happy. I've been timid about sharing my homesteading and motherhood journey because the majority of the time they aren't perfect photos or caption. It seems to me that the main thing holding everyone back is this overwhelming need to do something perfectly or not do it at all. In order to be great at anything, we have to be willing to be mediocre at first. It takes tremendous courage to do things and try things and put yourself out there. So post that poem you wrote, something you made, your beginning garden, or the 10th picture of your dog, the world needs more of that. More joy. More courage. 💛 Thanks to @venturatohomestead for hosting this challenge. I have connected with some awesome homesteading Mama's and look forward to virtually cheering y'all on on your journey ☀️ #31daysofhomesteading

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🌿 While we still have a good 3 feet of snow still on the ground outside, little glimpses of Spring are adorning the inside of the house. With the longer days & more sunshine, the chickens have picked up their laying, and so we've got a constant abundance of eggs scattered amongst baskets, cartons and dishes. The elderberry cuttings that my mom gathered a couple weeks ago are leafed out, and the greenery they bring to our barren mason jars really makes the home feel more lively. The mornings are still chilly, but most days the sun shines, even just for a little while, charging our solar panels and feeding our little seed sprouts we planted a week ago. The afternoon breeze brings song to our wind chimes; a sound that i've missed over our still winter. I find myself standing beside them to pause for a moment, to enjoy their joyful chimes amongst the hustle and bustle that goes on during the day. Each day, more bare ground appears, and the dripping sound of water coming from the melting snow on the roof gives us an assuring feeling that Spring really is here. It won't be long, and we will be spending the majority of our days outside. Winter has been beautiful, and restful, but I'm ready for the excitement that Spring brings! . . . #lifeinthecountry #countrylife #modernhomesteading #homestead #homesteading #farmher #modernfarmer #farmphotography #iamamodernfarmer #lifeonthefarm #offgridlife #offgrid #offgridliving #wildernessliving #wilderness #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency #sustainability #sustainableliving #sustainablelifetyle #simplicity #simpleliving #simplejoys #simplelife #simplifyyourlife #intentionalliving #slowdown #slowlivin #spring #livethelittlethings

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Loving all that sunlight that comes in through our big windows, bounces off our walls and fills the house with a bright glow. 🌞 #stayhome

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Whenever he falls asleep in my arms, I snap a pic. I never know when it’ll be the last time. . We took a couple days to head off-grid, and get some work done on our recreation property. The boys loved the freedom to run without worrying about the crazy going on in our county. We’re the epicenter for the whole state, so that’s fun. I loved all the uninterrupted family time. Oh, and I also read an entire book 🤷🏼‍♀️. . What are you loving about today? . . . #countingmyblessings #holisticmama #babiesofig #motherhoodsimplified #naturalmom #momsofinsta #mindfulmama #crunchmama #parentingtips #momlifebelike #motherhoodunplugged #myeverydaymagic #motherhoodalive #wahmlife #mytinymoments #momsofinstagram #mombloggers #documentingmotherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodrising #momof3 #momofboys #joyfulmamas #humansofjoy #nappingonmommy #offgridlife . . Hat by @mountain.tactical

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Greenhouse/Bathroom all in one! 😵 Would you shower here? 🌲🏡🌲 📸 Shower time at @belovedcabin

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Lot a thinkin to do #hardatwork #offgridlife #huonvalley

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Today is April 1st. It’s my birthday month and I am so grateful for my daughter who gets excited to do April dresses with me. Her infectious excitement was exactly what I needed today. So we wore our dresses all day today. I will explain more on that later. But until then #aprilshowersbringaprildresses 👗

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Love it when things are all clean and organized ✨ this oven is a propane oven and you wouldn’t believe the ordeal it was to install and be able to use it! It was long underused in another cabin and literally smelled like pee (mouse pee we assume) for a FULL WEEK of turning it on to burn the smell off (after actual hours of scrubbing with chemical cleaners). But now that we can use it problem free it feels like we earned it and it’s ours. I tell you our problems sometimes aren’t first world problems and it is a great lesson in taking our modern world for granted.

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