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By @sophiecestlavie

20 hours ago 3
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“If you don’t control your mind, someone else will” -Jim Morrison Repost @codeydoran #jimmorrison #thedoors tattoo done at @thelarivertattooco #losangeles california #thelizardking #27club

6 days ago 11
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In progress first session ⚡️NYC Booking 📩 [email protected] 📩 Done with @kwadron @inkmachines @inkeeze @eternalink @stencilanchored #nyctattoo #nytattoo #sivaktattoo #realistic tattoo #nyc #statueofliberty

24 days ago 44
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some citrus friends for today 🍊 — will be available for booking in the future (~2in)

20 hours ago 3
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Samurai Tiger for the amazing Borja!Thanks a lot for all this years of trust friend! -Done with @worldfamousink & @tattoofixcare at @karbon.tattoo

10 days ago 76
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Just patiently waiting for FF7 to come out. Also for life to go back to normal 😩

9 days ago 15
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When you wanna keep your tattin’ skills sharp, tattoo the people you’re quarantined with. We call it Quarantatts A lot of the flash I’ve been coming up with these past two weeks have been a lot more on the abstract side, which is a really fun place for me to explore. In the past, coming up with patterns for tattoos has always been a burden, but I’m realizing that it’s a lot more fun to come up with them independently of custom work. . . . . . #tattoo #tattooartist #blackwork #blackworktattoo #drawing #botanicaltattoo #floraltattoo #nyctattooartist #nyctattoo #brooklyntattoo #brooklyntattooartist

11 days ago 7
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2016: A magic redwood treehouse fort of innocence and too long tire swings in the stars guarded by cosmic crows. It's dark in the thick of the forest, but let's build upwards! @tenderfootstudio

3 days ago 231