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a summer dream 🧺 more of our one-of-a-kind vintage corset blouses handmade from vintage fabric arrive online this Friday, August 7th at 2:00 P.M. NYC time.

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Okay guys this is the last one in my @henne knit that I’m clearly obsessed with I’m SORRY for the spam but also not really, you asked for it 😎

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Minimalist outfit ☕️ By @lisaholdshteyn

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denim style

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FINALLY hightailing it outta here this weekend after how many months?? I can’t even remember anymore. I’d say guess where I’m going but I already kind of gave it away in my stories the other day; I’ve never been very good at keeping secrets 🙈🙈 At this point I’m just grateful to be escaping the heat! Happy Friday — gotta go start packing 💕💕🧳🧳

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Nail inspo✨

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