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Stop and smell the roses 🌹 #HIGHER 🦋✨

2 days ago 9
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the fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose

4 months ago 40
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It’s funny how we all have different phases of life. Back in the day, all I was exposed to was stage lights ... But now, during this lockdown, sunlight is the only thing coming my way. Well at least it’s a great source of Vitamin-D ... lol ... I guess that was then .. Now I’m content and happy being at my home studio and making music. This is me now and that was me then ... But I could have never gotten where I have today, if it wasn’t for all the things I learned from being in a touring band. Moral of the story ... Don’t Resist Change. #BeMe . . . . . . . . . . #music #rohansolomon #singersongwriter #songwriter #quarantine #lockdown #delhimusic #delhimusicscene #indiamusic #newyorkmusic #nycmusic #nycmusicscene #njmusic #musicproducer #audioengineer #stayhome #staysafe #beme #selflove #selfcare #selfdoubt #motivation #beingme #homestudio #sunlight #morningvibes

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Me throwing the first pitch at the 2023 World Series 📸 @streammomnaka

4 months ago 10
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Hey, surprise. After much consideration, and prayer my awesome wife @ashleykarimi and I will be moving to Nashville after the turn of the year! — We’re both super excited for what’s ahead and also going to extremely miss all our friends and family as we go on this new adventure. — I’ll still be doing what i have been with music and design work, nothing is stopping there, @thelonewild is going to keep on thanks to the inventions of dropbox, the internet, and cars — it’ll just look a little different. My design work with @shkndesignco will also continue as well since the majority of my work can be done remote. — To everyone who’s been there supporting and praying for us in this decision, we are so thankful for you and appreciative of you! — Last, visitors are SO welcome.

5 months ago 28
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Previewing my Wednesday Cover look featuring my new Shibori shirt (& skivvies, not pictured 😆) from the loveliest lady @stregaflora !!! 💙💙💙 Felt like time to put something in my feed for you to just look at instead of having to stop & listen to! So much work! 💙💙💙 (Please don’t judge this self-portrait, my dear photographers @johannesoberman & @drewimages & @jenmakeswork ... a girl’s gotta improvise these days! Miss you all. 💙💙💙)

1 months ago 73