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The Life and Lively Hood of Manhattan depends on our Workers in the Service Industry. Support your Local Businesses. 🌮Taco Tuesday 🥑 was brought to us by @mexicue Use Promocode - MARGS for A Free Round Of Margarita’s 🍹 #TacoTuesday #Margarita #NYCEats #NYCLiving

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Weekend feelings ✨

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Doctor's orders say there's only one thing for me ❣️ Nothing he can do 'cause only you can cure me❣️ Says in my condition love's the best physician❣️ . . . . Praying for my city during this crisis 🥺 New York and New Jersey we will get through this we are #nytough and #njstrong ! It's scary to think what's happening in the world at the moment and not just effecting us. It brings joy to see that other states are helping us out and sending us supplies 🙏🏽 Hope everyone is staying safe !!!! . . . #quarantineandchill #quarentinetime #nycliving #nycprimeshots #couplesgoals #relationshipgoals #relationships #marriagegoals #nyc #empirestatebuilding #empirestateofmind #travelcouples #travelcouple #travelcouplegoals #brooklyn #brooklynborn #newyorkcity #newyork

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⚡️PELO-JOY⚡️ . . . Ok, I get it now. The irony of how I have been teaching cycling classes @onepeloton and had yet to make a jump for a bike is almost comical. At first I thought, “I live in a small apartment, will it fit?”, “I ride for work, maybe that’s a little too excessive...” etc. Well ALL THOSE THOUGHTS WERE FLASE. Admitting my wrong here, not easy for an Italian, and I haven’t a CLUE why I didn’t do this sooner!! . . . Rode my first live class with the fam @alextoussaint25 with over 9,000 on the leaderboard (SO PROUD AT!🔥) and the pure privilege of being able to sweat like that and not need to step more than 8 feet from my bed and a foot from my couch #nycliving was nothing short of incredible. I feel like me again, always sweating/moving/vibing and most importantly DOING JT SAFELY and practicing proper Social Distancing. . . . SLIDE to check out Chris and Awa, @villasttp + @awaworldart , who made this delivery so special AND kept social distanced and safe the whole time. It’s an honor to get to meet you and special special thanks to our Field Ops and Delivery teams who are bringing this gift of movement to so many in such a pertinent time! Total knockouts ⚡️🥊! . . . See y’all on the #lb for real for real. 🙏🏼⚡️ . . Oh and since y’all have already been asking, outfit is @yearofours !

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I’m guilty of sneaking a little leopard print into just about any room. I swear it’s a neutral. #interiordecorating #interiordecor #visualstylist #propstylist #propstyling #homestaging #brooklyn #bushwick #nycliving

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I’ve always loved to use CBD oil for its numerous benefits & was so excited to try @zebrahemp 🦓🖤💫 | #ad Zebra Hemp is a trusted expert when it comes to high quality, effective hemp products. This natural oil can help regulate stress, pain, mood, sleep, memory, and more. Scientists have also found that Premium Hemp may have a positive effect on your inner peace, whole-body wellness, vitality, and overall health. #sponsored #ad #ZCBDforme #zebrahemp #sleepsupport #ambzebrahemp #ambcollab

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We may be missing our home and our life, but one thing that I’ve learned is no matter where we are, as long as you’re by my side, I feel like I’m home. Thank you for sticking by me no matter what we face. Grateful to be quarantined with you @mshalita21 💖 ps do you guys like #LyssMetHerMattch or nah?

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Pre-quarantine walks on the Upper West Side 🖤🤍 #nyc #upperwestside

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