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would definitely like to incorporate these in my quarantine #foodporn #foodporndaily1 creds: @emilyshanker

3 days ago 19
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Nutella cookie dough cupcake 🧁🍪 Credit: @laraseesfood #NYC🍴

8 days ago 186
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How much more are we going to appreciate simple things like brunch after all of this? #stayhome

11 hours ago 46
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Best way to start the day @obagelfamily #supportlocalbusiness

11 hours ago 11
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Bagel. Salmon. Cream Cheese. This sandwich is everything. 🥰 Get this bagel with FREE DELIVERY on Uber Eats. 📸: @letseatwithalvin

3 days ago 15
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Jerk Chicken + Shrimp Fries

5 days ago 29
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MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY 🌸 with a delivery of our signature floral design BANANA CREAM PIE 🍌🥧 visit our website and place an order through @shopmercato or find us on your favorite food delivery app! 📷 @lenmeistergram

10 days ago 35
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Can’t wait to reopen and take more #cheesepull pics! TAG SOMEONE THAT NEEDS THIS! 💜 📸 @forkmebabyyy

5 days ago 47
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Nutella banana bread 🍌🍫 Credit: @theboroughbred #NYC🍴

6 days ago 63
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Food I’ve Been Missing: @tortarianyc ... 🤩 #supportlocalbusiness

3 days ago 20