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Don’t miss out on this delicious pasta dish!! They offer takeout and [email protected]!!🤤🔥😋 🍽: Rigatoni Fiorentina 📍: @lenasitaliankitchen 🗺: Kips Bay, Manhattan

5 days ago 28
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Entire ARTICHOKE PIZZA PIE👀 You can get takeout/delivery @artichokepizza !!🙌🏼🙌🏼 Who needs some🍕⬇️ #nyfoodsharings 📷 @eatmorelocal

7 days ago 59
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Slowly turning my kitchen into an Italian restaurant🙄 here’s some CREAMY PESTO CHEESE RAVIOLI!!!!🤤🤤🤤 #nyfoodsharings I’m no chef but here’s how I made it: - Cook ravioli (was frozen) - I eyeballed the whole thing I’m sorry - Add to a pot over medium heat: a tiny bit of pasta water, milk, pesto from a jar, salt, a tablespoon or two of cream cheese (I know it sounds weird but I didn’t have heavy cream and it actually turned out amazing), Parmesan cheese - Stir over heat until all melted together and add back ravioli, plate and you’re good!!

10 days ago 59
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If you get at least two slices then you’ve got it all figured out😎🍕🍕 Share this with a pizza lover⬇️ #nyfoodsharings 📷 @dc87

27 days ago 36
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Wishing I had this toasted ricotta gnocchi in white truffle créme right now😩✨✨ Who’s hungry?⬇️ #nyfoodsharings

9 days ago 142
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PSA: your quarantine is missing @naminori.nyc delivery 🍣 #sushi #handroll #caviar #nycfoodinsta

13 days ago 34
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Make sure to always sauce it up!!🌯🤤😋 🍽: Hang 10 Burrito 📍: @playabettys 🗺: Upper West Side, Manhattan

15 days ago 20
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PIZZA🤤🍕 @motorinopizza is open for takeout/delivery! Who wants this for their next meal?⬇️ #nyfoodsharings 📷 @chubbychinesegirleats

2 days ago 32
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When at home, make three cheese fusilli. Who’s inspired?🤩🧀💛✨#nyfoodsharings

23 days ago 98