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Beautiful blue tone townhouse on the upper west side. 📸 @hernewyorkedit

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Bow bridge in Central Park. 📸 @rtanphoto

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@brandinicolephoto “In sickness and in health a promise we never spoke aloud yet a vow millions share We knew we would always love her, protect her, fight for her Even in sickness as the sirens ring through her empty canyons as the sun pours down barren avenues We know we will always protect her, fight for her. In sickness and in health. We will love and cherish her. We will witness her healing.” - thank you for the beautiful poem for this image @maggiegrem it captures the feeling I images totally. 🤍 Just after quarantine started; my flat mate @portraitmadame and I biked ourselves down to the water to witness how empty everything was and perhaps take some Photos. That little bike ride was pretty transformative. Have you ever wondered what it is like to bike around during an apocalypse? To me; it felt that way. Streets that are usually bumper to bumper were now empty and this area of Brooklyn, my favorite little corner of Brooklyn, had almost no people. Eerie is the only word that comes to mind. Looking out at Manhattan, We decided to take some photos; and the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about the gravity of our reality. When will I be able to freely roam the streets, the subways, the parks of this city I have grown to be apart of? These unanswered questions on everyone’s mind. 🤍 📸: @portraitmadame Edit/model: me Poem: @maggiegrem

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if I could see into the fog that surrounds . . With my favs @flynyon @nyonair ❤ . . Have a great weekend folks. Take care of each other. Much love. ✌🏻❤

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Picnic vibes in Central Park. 📸 @petarmitrovic

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What’s your favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn? 📸 @samhorine

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Garden of love. Who’s down for some drinks at Gitano? 📸 @nybucketlist

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The beautiful St. Patrick’s cathedral on 5th ave. 📸 @dicasnovayork

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