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My #MeetTheArtist for the new year 2020! 💕 Look at all those small kokos - I hope I can become an even beter person in 2020 and improve in everything I can! I'm really thankful for everything I achieved in 2019 and I can't wait to see where I can go this yearr - #meettheartist2020 #illustration #art #artist #charactersheet #referencesheet #newyear2020 #newyear2019 #2020

7 months ago 36
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🎊Happy new year everyone🎊🎉 2019 has been the most amazing year of my life so far. I did everything from film festivals to luxury travel. I accomplished a lot of business and personal goals and of course met amazing people along the way. What I'm trying to say is that as long as you do what you really love, life will be good so this year my new year resolutions are... Nothing. I just want to keep creating content. It's the best thing ever😁

7 months ago 44
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All the celebrating is over 😭😭 No more Xmas prep, Xmas hype, birthday on Boxing Day goes by, New Years hits, hubby bday passes us and come the second week of January I always feel like I need to sleep for a week and when the holiday blues truly hit me. Phew! Time to make some photo books of all our celebrations this pass month including a big 40th for my friend @thekaedit too. 🎈 I love looking back and putting them all together in photo books to soak up the memories. What gets you out of your holiday blues when the bustle of Christmas is over??? #celebratinglife #celebrations🎉 #celebrationoflife #newyear2020🎉 #2020newyear

7 months ago 72
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As a family of five it’s not often we get to put each other first or ever. First come the three kids and their various needs and incredibly busy social calendars. The house follows and both of us work for ourselves so that just means there is little left for ourselves and each other. Something as the kids get older we want to put more effort in. It’s so important to have wife/husband time as much as it is to have family time. I miss being “the wife” and not just being “mommy”. We don’t do New Years resolutions but we do have a massive “to do” list this year together. Look out 2020 here we come!!! What are your plans for this year? #newyearresolutions #newyearresolution #resolutions #resolutions2020

7 months ago 72
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| Getting Together #FamilyIsLove

14 days ago 2
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I mean... It's a bridge.. that lights up... And @lamborghini cars pass often. WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY?😆😂

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