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First drive since November. Exhaust is ear splitting. Interior is hot. Suspension rattles out your fillings. I love it.

3 months ago 24
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Needs paint.

8 months ago 21
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In honor of fathers day, posting a picture of the car my father asks me if I’m selling every time I see him 😂 📸: @the.kaizen.media

13 days ago 14
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Tire telepathy.

1 months ago 13
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Another great #mr2thebeach weekend capped off by an epic hangover. 🤘🏼 📸: @roadnoiseyt

10 months ago 13
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Drove to my limit today, and unfortunately found the limit of my street/track brake pads. Still managed to drop another four tenths down to a 1:52.2! Car ran well all weekend! HUGE thanks to everyone tagged. I couldn’t have had a weekend like this without you. I think we ended up in P7 in a super competitive street class. Not bad for a minivan engine! Thanks for the pic @stworkshop !

19 days ago 15