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What’s your dream career? Background Photo by @moveh 🌜

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피드색감이같아지니 다른색감하나올리면 정말안어울리더군요..바로 보관함행.. 코로나400명돌파...다들조심하세요🙏🏼 (마스크한장에 4천원실환가..)

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It was not an easy journey but it was all worth the little piece of me, my baby Luna❤️ Welcome to the world my everything! You are so precious my little angel❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ اللهم لك الحمد

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📷: @vincentcroce Dreamy skies in the French Alps.

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- 'ON' is a masterpiece 🙏 and so is the rest of the album; ..but holy guacamole, I was so blown away by that MV (or whatever y'all wanna call it) BECAUSE ITS AMAZING and I'm missing words to describe how i'm feeling 😪👏 This album destroyed me in hundred different ways- I'm still waiting for my pre-ordered albums to arrive AND I'M IMPATIENT HELP ajsjdhkshfm

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SOLD OUT Tonight is the night! One hour from now (8pm EST) my site will go live with so many magical new pieces! If you haven’t already check out the collection preview in my stories 💓 see you at 8 💫 #dirtworksceramics #tarot #witchy #witchaesthetic #sagedish #sage #smudge #tarotlovers #tarotcards #tarotspread #thelovers #stars #moonmagic #moon #moonmama #moonchild #moonphases #february #newwork #womanmade

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Drop a 🖤 if you needed to read this! #moonomens

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..THE ALBUM IS OUT AND EVERY ORGAN IN MY BODY IS OVERWHELMED 😔🙏 - what's your favourite song so far? I'M LOVING ALL OF THEM BUT I'M A SUCKER FOR We are Bulletproof: the Eternal, Moon and Inner Child AND OFC "ON" IS A BOP- I'm so gonna start journaling as soon as I'm back home ajjdjahdhsh if anyone wants to collab about any of the songs lemme know - have a great day/night y'all 💜

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Read the article in @moonomens bio to learn about the energy around this Upcoming New Moon and what it means for you. Enjoy! 🌑 ✨ 🍃 - 👉 @moonomens #moonomens #moon #Newmoon

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