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Having missed the glorious sunsets on Monday and Tuesday I was determined to watch Wednesday’s, no matter how it looked. That then posed the next question, where? Having seen @aronradfordphotography post earlier in the week I opted for Maldon Prom, only about 15 mins away but somewhere I’d never visited at that time of day, needless to say I’ll be going back #Maldon #maldonprom #essex #essexcoast #landscape #sunset #nature #sky #essexcountryside #coloursofthesky #riverblackwater #capturingbritain #photosofengland #bestukpics #eastanglia #genuinebritain #ukscenery #ukgreatshots #britainstalent #naturebrilliance #1ukshot #essexphotography #ukhubs @essexlifemag #cloudporn

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This is a very different post... Over the past month and half, there have been a few changes at TwoBecomeOne. As some of you may know TwoBecomeOne started with two local businesses joining into one, Daisys Love Hearts and GreyRuffle. We had an amazing 4 years in our shop and also brought two gorgeous little babies into the world in that time. At the beginning of January Daisy decided to say goodbye to our shop adventure and start her new one as a mum to her gorgeous little girl. Now TwoBecomeOne will be run by myself Melissa and my mum Monika. You’ve probably seen her around, she’s always here. This new adventure has become a family one, with my little baby boy also making many appearances in the shop. There will be many new and exciting changes happening this year so please bare with us whilst changes happen in the shop and online. We will still be providing the best quality of products and customer service. I can’t thank you all enough for your support and choosing to shop with us. We appreciate every single one of you and can’t wait for you to join us on our new journey. Thank you for being you 😘 #changes #newyear #family #shopsmall #shoplocal #independent #shopindependent #Maldon #Essex #motherandaughter

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a strange wednesday project gone right!! 🍊🍫 i made these solely for my brother and then he fell asleep for the entirety of the day! (dehydrated oranges w semisweet choc and flaky sea salt)

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there’s a meme about things that feel illegal but aren’t. it’s this. it’s these brownies. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ @smittenkitchen salted caramel brownies with POCKETS — huge, gooey pockets — of homemade salted caramel. made w/ @cup4cup, plate by @jilliankaulius 😊.

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quality flaw: i’m an extremely obsessive person when i get my mind set on something. i obsess over all things food, over an object, a piece of jewelry, my routine coffee, learning a trade, making a new dish, taking photos, how to mother my children, how i look & dress; i mean the list goes on and on. • so when i saw @judy.kim post about how incredible chive blossom 🌸 butter 🧈is (ALMOST A YEAR AGO)- i knew i had to have it. sadly though all of my chive blossoms had already come and gone and i couldn’t find any in Michigan locally. (although i almost did spend $15 on mail-order-herbs quite a few times just to scratch the itch) • fast-forward to quarantine times and WE HAVE CHIVE BLOSSOMS! you guys, i cannot tell you how damn excited i am for this. not only did i immediately make chive butter, but ive been putting these cute little flowers on EVERYTHING!! watch out-it’s chive blossom everythinggggg for the next 3 weeks. • i told you i’m obsessive...or maybe it’s just passion. 💕 • • • #thymeandhoney #eatcolorfully🌈 #whatsonyourplate🍽 #chiveblossoms #chiveblossombutter #butter #plugra #sparkjoydaily #maldon #maldonsalt #condiment #condimentqueen #foodposts #eatfood #tastegood #foodposts #foodday #bestfoodvideos #deconstructedfood #foodsta #foodlifestyle #foodobsession #feastmode #whattoeat #foodelicious #lifestylefood #feedfeed #huffposttaste

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Take a cruise to Maldon this weekend. Small town, big charm with a Swap Meet on Saturday and Market on Sunday. @maldonantiquefairandswapmeets @maldonmarket @maldoninc #historictown #boutiqueshopping #maldon #firstnotabletown

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Sometimes I have to kick myself that this little place is all mine 😍 I love walking up the high street in the morning and seeing my little shop. So today I had to stop and take a photo before I opened up. My Easter windows are in and I’m determined that my little business and I are going to weather the storm that is Covid-19. Now comes the serious bit... A lot of businesses are going to struggle over the next few months and I’m sure many will sadly not survive the financial implication of this virus, media frenzy and it’s impact on society as we know it. Freelancers, self employed, shop owners and other 0 hours contract workers are particularly financially vulnerable. I’m forever blown away by my lovely customers support but right now I really need you all, as do so many other small businesses (I’ve tagged my favourites in Maldon). I ask that if you can, you do your bit in keeping your independent shops on the high street. “Use us or lose us” as they say. I’m doing my best to keep my shop as clean and safe as possible. I will also be uploading any stock that is in the shop to my website for purchase online so that you don’t need to visit the shop directly if you feel that you cannot. Speaking for all the small businesses out there your support is so greatly appreciated all year round, but especially right now ❤️🙏 #maldon #thisismaldon #handmadeinmaldon #anvilandivy #jewellery #handmadejewellery

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For well over a thousand years Hythe Quay has been the gateway to Maldon for vessels arriving from the sea. In recent years its importance as a place of trade has been eroded, however many of the familiar commercial barges remain, offering pleasure cruises and day trips. From the award winning Promenade Park to the pubs, restaurants and shops of Maldon High Street, Hythe Quay is a 'must see' for any visit to the district. || #ThisIsMaldon 📷 @slhphotos Words: @visit.maldondistrict #maldon #maldontown #maldonessex #stmarys #churchtower #maldonprom #maldonpromenade #picoftheday #maldonhythe

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Ahhh that’s much better. It was time to refresh the windows and I’ve brought a bit of sunshine to Maldon High street. A thank you NHS and key worker window but Sophie style! I may not be able to reopen just yet, but I’m still here working away and fighting for my little business. I can’t wait for the day when I can reopen and see all of my lovely customers. Stay safe folks, this too shall pass ❤️ #handmadejewellery #thisismaldon #maldon #maldonessex @maldontown

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