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Natacha photographed by SHAMAYIM. To create something out of nothing...the work of the Gods. Each concept first begins as a thought (or a fantasy if you will) and from there the manifestation process begins. The characters we Create did not exist before the fantasy...this does not make them any less "real". Gods transported to this realm through the vessel of a camera. Headpiece by @amaroqdesign

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Diary of a Mad Band. Truly nothing you see on this page could ever be manifested if it wasn't for a team. Not one image. Not one video. Everything I have ever created would cease to exist if it wasn't for a team. I'm grateful for all team members...past, present, future. Most importantly thank you to my invisible team members...my ancestors. For my dad who will see this...yes we wore mask just not on the photo.

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귀여운 자연친화사람✌🏻 피크닉 다녀온 날에~ 이젠 좀 액티비티한거 없나 찾고있는중이야💋

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How do you like this view from Marina Bay Sands in Singapore? 😍😍 - Follow👉🏻 @luxuryradar 👈🏻 Follow👉🏻 @luxuryradar 👈🏻 For more insane luxury content👑 - 👑 @luxuryradar 👑 👑 @luxuryradar 👑 👑 @luxuryradar 👑 - 📸: @bennytgh 👈 - #singapore🇸🇬#singaporetravel#marinabaysands#marinabaysingapore #concept #insane

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심플한 차림이야! 뭣보다 이 머리가 너무 해보고 싶었는데 해냈다❤️ 혼자 머리땋기 잘하는데 이건 못하겠더라구! 남편이가 영상보고 똑같이 따라해줌요✌🏻

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