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💚 Mystical rain forest inside a volcano with a lake at the very bottom 🌿 Would you go inside? Follow➡️ @outdoors.survival.kingdom 📸: @natedodge

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One from just before Autumn when everything was very green. Been out a few times in autumn and it difficult to come away with a decent image in the woodland. Recently watched @ianworth channel about the difficulty of landscape photography and how that is the enjoyment and challenge, I totally agree with him. Check out his work too! #peakdistrict #landscapephotography #woodland #greens #trees #silverbirch #outdoorphotographymagazine

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Explosive sunsets excite me almost just as much as hiking mountains.🌄 - Especially in Lofoten where sunsets last for hours and hours. Plenty of ime to shoot,plan and enjoy. - I got to shoot so many beautiful sky stocks aswell which I’ve edited and added to my upcoming sky bundle that has been an unfinished project of mine for ages now.😁 - It will be available eventually but first I need to focus on healing my back and feeling great again in general. Currently I can’t sit without pain for more than 30minutes🥵 I know I talk about my back issuea but its sort of my whole life currently. It affects everything. - The cause is sitting and laying in bad positions over the years. I regret it the most out of anything but I am determined to fix the situation and feel more balanced around my pelvis and core.

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Yes in fact I do have a cabins obsession and I hope you will enjoy this moody shot!

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Captured sunrise. I woke up early in a tent on Alvaret, a world heritage located in the southern part of Öland, Sweden. The tent was completely incapsulated in fog, but I could see the colors starting to show in the sky, sun is soon rising. I got up, got out, making sure I did not go to far from the tent, would be impossible to find the way back. I stood in silence following the sun as it rose over the horizon. Then, a few minutes later I see this tree light up like fireworks in the fog. Best possible start of the day🙏. When you close your eyes, do you see a particular sunrise in your memory?

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